Camera Settings & Etsy Listing Changes

I have been so confused.  (not an uncommon situation since opening my Etsy shop)  The new listing page threw me for a large loop as soon as I tried to enter a new item last week.  I did OK on the questions about “who made this?”  That was simple.  Me……….   (thinking  What is all the fuss about?)

Then, I go to upload my pictures (which I had suffered over, as usual………..then, spent about 15 minutes editing them) and what happened?  The Etsy Gods said my pictures were too narrow.  Too narrow?  I hadn’t done anything to the camera, and my pictures were fine yesterday!!!

So, I pouted.  I did nothing.  At least in regards to the Etsy shop, the camera or creating anything new.  Not to say I wasn’t busy.  Clients orders were being cranked out here………..while I was lamenting my ‘too narrow’ pictures & wondering just what to do next.

Last night I tried a novel thing…………I took some more pictures, with the same camera, same settings.  Entered them, and whoosh………..the item was listed.   Pictures are fine.  The Etsy Gods are no longer dis-pleased.

So, here was the experimental entry…..

Not a great pic, as I was frustrated before I started………..and, there is that bit about me not being a photographer!  But, the duo of dish cloths are on the site.  They are nicer than this shows, which is my ongoing difficulty!

My other piece of confusion involved the new listing page & the apparent disappearance of my shop!  I was seeing a steady increase in traffic…………..then, the new listing bit went public……….and my site was a ghost town!    I’ve been reading everything I could find and think I might have cracked the code to my traffic problem (or more closely, my lack of traffic).    I have gone through all my listings today & edited them to include the new listing format.  No way did I get the pictures up to speed, but the listing info is now consistent.    And, to my surprise…………..the number of visitors is back up to where it was before the new listing page debut.

We’ll see what happens overnight and tomorrow……….I’m not up for any more surprises, or changes or new stuff I have to learn.  I just want to get back to sewing & knitting for a bit!  Stuff I know how to do!  🙂


Create Something Daily Journal

I did get a few  things accomplished.  I had several clients scheduled to pick up completed orders…….and this evening, I had the first appointment with Bride #2 for this season.  This is a complicated job; altering the sleeveless bodice, as it is huge on this young lady……….and shortening the skirt.  I’ve not seen this dress before, it is very unusual, which in this case is going to translate into Expensive!

I have a pair of fingerless mitts almost to the cast off point………….going to increase the heck out of the next couple rows, making a ruffled edging on the wrist portion of the mitts.  I’m hoping they will please Client W, who tried on a pair of mine last week & loved them.    I’m hooked on knitting both mitts on one needle, it is great fun to be done with both of them at the same time!

I completed an adult size eyelet petticoat, a simpler version with a rolled hem instead of ruffles & such.  No pictures of this yet (at least, none that are going to see the light of day).  Taking pics of white items has me baffled.

The white knit baby blanket is in the same boat.  No pictures.  No idea how to take a picture that shows this item off.

Need to think seriously about making a rule ……………..No Making White Items!  🙂


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