Tech-Challenged Here!

Being the persistent type, here I am again.  I have attempted to make a post here for the last week or so……….and got close a couple of times.  Even had a couple of pictures uploaded….    And, then the page froze.

Usually I have an idea or focus, but not so tonight.  I’m just aiming for not getting frozen out here.


I have been so busy with clients here, even though it has been a holiday week-end.  I did finish the drapery hemming job and have a note on my TO DO board:  No More Draperies!   I have no business taking on a job of this size.  These drapes are HUGE!  There was no where for them to BE in the studio, it was a constant wrestling match………..the drapes ……….vs. me.    This job did spur me on to get the cutting table upgraded here.  I have the base for it, now just need the solid top for it………and I ordered the cutting mat tonight.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get all these pieces put in place now!    I will have to do some serious cleaning out too, in order for the old table to move somewhere, while the new one comes in.  And, I’m going to need to import some help on this one!

I did get the fingerless mitts completed over the week end…..the ones I’d like to show to Client W.  Her hands are so cold all the time….   The mitts are small on my hands here, but should fit W, as she is a teeny little thing.



And, I finished up an adult version of my eyelet petticoat, and have it up in the Etsy Shop here.

Eyelet Petticoat by Stitchknit


I knit a few rows on my own pair of socks.  I’m past the heel on the second sock, so on the downhill with these.  Boring yarn however, so they aren’t going to add much pizzaz to my sock drawer!

I’m getting oh, so close to the toe decrease on sock number 1, for Client D.  These are the socks using the corn fiber.  Still feels so weird in my hands, I still think the yarn squeaks when it is being worked.  Pretty though, so it does have a redeeming factor!

Amazing, but my computer acts like it is going to play nice tonight & let me post.  I see pictures, and I’m still typing; both good signs!    Will attempt to publish this…..crossing fingers!




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