Deadlines & Creativity

I don’t know about you, but deadlines & creativity just don’t work well together, here in my studio.

Each time I take on a client with a specific deadline for the project/job………..I notice several things.  The first is strange to me, as I’m usually really good with my time.  But, the couple of deadline related jobs I have had recently, just seem to sit.  I’m not motivated to get right to them, choosing to play with yarn or fabric for my Etsy shop!

I have a project in the studio this week, which brought this Creativity on a Schedule bit, to the forefront.  I promised to complete 4 items (usually all alike), each week.  This particular shirt is a tricky one to lay out as it really eats up the fabric and often doesn’t fit unless one lights candles, bows to the east and the planets are all aligned.  I was given the go-ahead to ‘be creative’ and basically, chop up the pattern, giving it more interest and at the same time making it fit on the fabric.  Could be fun, right? Creative too!

Well, the shirts are almost done, and I didn’t find them to be creative, nor fun.  First off, the fabric was super wide, some yummy stuff from Italy…………so, there was no need to re-design the shirt to fit the ‘goods’.  And, I only had days to finish these, which made me throw creative right out the window.  I still have a single item to add to this order & it hasn’t even been cut out yet!

On the flip side, if given no deadlines………..I’m famous for taking forever.  I like to think the project through first, then get going on it………….and then there is the part where I need to study it to see if I’m truly DONE!  That can take a while too!  🙂

I’m trying to chart my way somewhere in the middle; somewhere between sewing ’til dawn and the free-wheeling ‘take as long as you want’ that some clients seem to gravitate towards.


Progress on my Create Something Daily Challenge:

Almost nothing!  No wonder my mind is wandering when I’m working on clients orders!  Not much creating going on.

I squeezed in a few rounds on the socks for Client D.  Getting within an inch of the toe decreases.  (on sock #1)  Much work left on this order.  I’m taking this project with me everywhere, grabbing a few minutes on them whenever I can.

I did create a new item for the house today.  The entry area has been bothering me for months & I finally found something to solve a couple of the problems.  There was a doorbell that no longer worked as well as a speaker to a non-existent intercom system right by the door.  The difficulty with this was clients would ring the bell…………and since my studio is on a different floor, I wouldn’t even know they were at the door.  This way, they will have to knock, and I will be able to hear.  I bought a metal wall sculpture thing…………..and quickly hot glued some fabric behind the tree it featured.  TA DA.  It covered up both the holes from the bell & the speaker and looks pretty darned cool too.    Pics to come after I get the final backing on the whole thing.  Todays’ fix was pretty temporary,  but I was anxious to see if I was on the right track.


After all this rambling about deadlines……………….I should get to cracking on the current deadlines for Friday.

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