Two More Tools and my Happy Hands

Todays’ post is a mixed bag.  I’ve had a marathon sewing day, without time to do much of anything else.  Well…….I did stop to eat, have tea with a friend and play a few games of ball with the dog!

I had blocked off today, at least that was the plan…..and you know what happens to plans?   My goal was to cut out, assemble and finish a lined coat for a client. (pick up scheduled for 1PM tomorrow)  I did it.  And, I liked sewing one thing, from start to finish………in pretty much one sitting.  (minus those meals and ball playing sessions)  Typically, I’m sewing on several things at once, as I group things according to color.  (horribly lazy here, and hate to change thread more often than necessary)

Anyhow……..the black coat is done & looking pretty darned great.  All I need to do is press/steam it and de-lint it………as it’s black.  It has pieces of my sewing room stuck all over it………..the fabric acts just like velcro!

While working on the coat, I came up with a couple of items I can’t live without in the sewing room.  I had put together a list a few weeks (months?) ago, but somehow these two missed the boat.

Within reach of most of the machines & work tables, there is a roll of blue painters tape.  I use it all the time…….so much so, that apparently I don’t even think of the tape!  I love using the tape to mark the right side of fabric as I cut………it doesn’t damage the fabric & it is so quick to pull off the roll.  (If I’m doing a large bit of cutting ….I’ll reel off a bunch of little dabs of tape & stick them on something close by)  The tape works well too, if I need to mark somewhere that needs attention and I don’t want to forget to go back to the spot.  Saves tons of time ………instead of looking for the spot needing some tweaking, I just look for the blue tape!

The other item that I keep all over the studio, is a small metal crochet hook.  Really small.  Mine are vintage, perhaps from the 40’s??  I use them all the time too….so there is one everywhere I work.  They are just the tool when needing to pull up a gathering thread or pull threads through to the other side of my work.  They work great to push out a point ……..I use the handle end of the hook for that!  And, they are great for helping make repairs in clients knit items.  So many people bring me perfectly good sweaters & such, that just have little ‘pulls’ in them.  Piece of cake to pull these threads/yarn through to the back side and then work on them to get it close to brand new looking.

Since I had to sew pretty much all day, and my right hand had been twitchy yesterday……….I decided to quickly whip up a pair of therapeutic craft gloves.  Keep in mind I said quickly!

I used to have many of these, but for some reason, they didn’t make it in the last move.  Just a rectangle of lycra and a seam up the side and I’m pretty much good to go!  They made such a difference.  My hand hasn’t been twitchy all day!  I’m going to make a couple better pair, perhaps doubling the fabric, to make it a bit stronger with more ‘hug’ for my hands.  I also promise to finish off the ends of my seams……………   🙂  By the end of the day today, my quick little pair looked a bit worse for wear!

So, now the Happy Hands can join the painters tape and the crochet hooks in my studio tool box ‘must haves’!


Create Something Daily Journal

Just a jacket!   🙂

I did work on a new knit item.  I found a pattern for what was called a Universal Scarf, with a challenge to knit it in multiple fibers, with a variety of needles and see what I came up with.    I’m using some novelty yarn on this one, and love it!  It will make a great summer accessory………hopefully will get some pics tomorrow.

Met with a new client who had seen my Craig’s list ad.  She needs a stack of new shorts hemmed by Saturday.  Doable.  (squeezed her in between eating and the ball games with the dog!)

I’m itching to create something.  Anything.  All this sewing & knitting for clients is great…………love the paycheck, but my mind is always wandering.  This pattern, group those fabrics, what about some ribbon………which yarn, a sweater or a felted bowl?????   It’s a wonder I can keep my mind on the project in front of me!

Right now………..the only thing on my list is a great nights sleep!



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