I’ve Hit a Wall………….or, My Limitations

I’m going to do something tomorrow that I’ve not done before.  I’ve been sewing for decades, and sewing for clients most of that time.  Last week a bride brought me her wedding dress to shorten as well as take it in at the very top of the strapless bodice.

I can hem it, although it is probably the most complicated wedding dress hem I’ve come across.  The hemline is pleated in reverse pleats on both sides of the dress, so I’ll have to mark all of them somehow, so once I cut off approximately 11″ I can get the horsehair braid back on, then pleat it in the same fashion & tack them all down.  Gads.  I’m not looking forward to this little task.

And, when I finally got the dress turned inside out, there was yet another underlining.  I found a way to get inside that (without taking anything apart) and ICK!  Just ICK!  There are so many stays put in with double rows of stitching……….as well as the bra portion of the bodice with stays going both side to side and up and down.  There is not even an inch that can be taken in on the side seam without coming to the bra portion of the dress.

I’ve stared and stared at this gorgeous dress and can not find another spot to take the dress in at all, let alone the 5″-6″ that need to come in for this to fit.  The back is a deep V shape, so it is lower than the spot on the dress that needs to come in.  The front is crossed over with pleated satin and it is stitched down everywhere, to the bra portion of the bodice.

I could make the dress from scratch, even copying this one ………..and make it fit.   But, altering this one looks impossible to me.  I could not guarantee it would look like anything if I started taking it all apart.

So, tomorrow is the first fitting on this dress.  I plan to turn the whole thing inside out & show the bride my dilemma.  When people don’t sew, I’m not sure if I can explain why this can’t be done.  And, if the dress doesn’t fit on the top, why hem it?

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow!

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