Hot Off My Needles

           Finally, I had some time to work on some of my things!  This little summer scarf was a fun knit; that kind you don’t need to keep referring to a pattern!  Big needles, variegated yarn, so no joining…………..often called my Idiot Knitting.  (in that I can do it anywhere, while visiting, etc)   It’s actually listed in the Etsy Shop…….here!

This project spent the afternoon with me while I took the dog to the vet for his annual check up.   He was none too happy when we got back, he wouldn’t even look at me!







I did spend some time playing with fabric too, today.  I’ve had an image of a Victorian sort of ruffled cuff, with an assortment of items I’ve been collecting in the sewing room.  I am tea dying some vintage white lace, to make it look the right shade to go with a piece of vintage burgundy velvet……… far, it is living up to the picture in my imagination.  Love when that happens!  I’ve got a lovely piece of ribbon for the focal point, and a wispy bit of sheer ribbon I have gathered to make a tiny ruffle to edge the ribbon.  (really piling on the details here)  And, if all goes well, this might be done tomorrow!  I have some very old buttons, a dab of gold chain and of all things a vintage pull from a window shade!  We’ll see how much of my ‘collection’ makes it on to this item.

I had 3 clients here at the studio today, all 3 were picking up orders.  Well………….2 picked up orders and the 3rd picked up the wedding dress I just could not figure out how to make it fit this miniature little bride!  I feel bad for her, as her wedding is coming up in July…………but, I’m thrilled for me, as it was truly an impossible request.  (and I know I’m going to sleep much better tonight)  I’ve never mis-judged a job like I did this one.  I thought it would be difficult, but had no idea it was going to be impossible.    Twenty lashes to the little boutique that sold this dress to Client T.  They had to have known there was no way to make this strapless bodice fit someone with no bust line whatsoever.  Two of this little gal could fit in the top of this dress!  Anyway, I wished her well, and apologized all over the place.  Fortunately, I had only had the garment here for 5 days…….so I didn’t suck up too much of her time.  She was cutting it pretty close to begin with.

Time to go talk to my pillow………I’ve had a hard time sleeping the last couple nights.  Visions of a certain wedding dress were keeping me up!

3 thoughts on “Hot Off My Needles

  1. Thanks! I needed something simple…… brain has been fried the last couple days.

    The pattern was something I found online, called a Universal Scarf. There was a challenge to knit it up in many yarns, and using different size needles. My printer is being cranky, so I didn’t copy it off. I’ll look for it again…………and put it up here. It’s only a 4 row pattern, (one of them a repeat too!) so it is a quickie!

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