My Very First Stitch Markers!

My stitch markers arrived this week………  from Purple Craft House.   Apologies for the dark pic, for some reason, Picnik isn’t saving my changes after editing.  Hmmmm

This may not sound like much of a big deal to you, but I’ve always used yarn, just tied in a loop.    After completing my last hat, I decided to get some markers, as I had made myself crazy with all the little bits and the number of decreases needed.    I plan to spend some time tomorrow, searching for appropriate yarn to make the same hat again………plus some to make just the hat band as a head band.

Next thing I’m going to work on will be some project bags.  I’ve got little boxes and trays all over the house, and zip lock bags in the car and in my tote bag….   I need to tidy up & more than a little bit!


From the sewing room, Client P had given me her denim jacket to ‘bling up’ as she called it.  This is what I came up with, given her list of what I couldn’t do.  (no ruffles, no lace, nothing with any color & certainly not pink)

Some of the ‘bling’ photographed with a pink cast, but it is truly all silver on a black background fabric.  My client was thrilled.  There is more of the trim edging the hood, and the seams have all been stitched over, using silver thread.

I’m having issues with Etsy too, since Saturday.  After reading the forum posts, I can see I’m not the only one, so I’ve just concentrated on finishing up orders in the studio here.  No time yet to create anything new for the shop, which is a good thing, as it seems new items aren’t registering.

Between the Etsy site issue and the fact my new printer is not printing yet (been months!), I’m getting close to cranky!  I’m so spoiled, as over the years, I’ve always had a teen ager who was more than willing to keep me connected.  These days, I’m fresh out of tech savvy teens!

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