Pitfalls from Working at Home

I’ve ranted about this before!  It seems to be a permanent dilemma for me……….

How to scrape out a work day, while life keeps happening here at the house???

Today was the norm, rather than the exception.  One errand ran into 2 more……….the school district had the 2nd late arrival day this week which started things off in a strange, sort of backwards kind of way.

Meals to prepare, and Oh, yes……….a load of laundry for me, as I was quickly running out of clean clothes!

Somewhere in the middle of that, I did get to the sewing room, and I did get the 3 shirts/jackets done for Friday.  All done, buttons & the whole works.    I also have the wedding fitting almost ready for Friday, just need to put in another hour getting the ties placed for a fitting with bustle options.

Listing what did happen today, I see I did get some work done.  I managed to finish repairing the vintage porcelain doll & her wardrobe, plus deliver it.  When did I get time to do that I wonder??

Lest you are thinking I should just stand my ground, set a work schedule & stick to it……….  I’ve got a couple teensy problems in doing so.  #1………My mom.  I’ve moved in with her to assist her, as I was not comfortable thinking of her by herself at her age (89).  and #2………My special needs foster son, who guarantees each day to be different from the last.     With requests &/or needs from either of them, I need to report to my other job…and that is probably never going to change.

My sewing & knitting as well as my local clients are what keeps me sane.  I get bits of time on my own, and can have a job……….AND take care of my mom.

I am getting used to always feeling like I should be doing something else.  If I’m doing a chore mom has asked for, I keep thinking about a sewing deadline, or a design for something I want to make for the Etsy shop.     If I’m sewing, I am reminded about what I could be doing to assist mom or to support my kiddo.

Pulled in different directions……………….all of the time.


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