How To Bustle a Wedding Dress

My favorite way to bustle a wedding dress is the Over Bustle technique.  I don’t use this on all dresses, as sometimes there isn’t a spot to hide  my little piece of organdy ribbon.

This skirt is filled with lace appliques’ and beading, and sequins, so no problem here.  I did however, have an extra applique after hemming the dress.  So, I hand stitched that over one of the existing appliques, at the spot on the skirt where I am attaching the ribbon.  I left the top of the design open, just far enough that I can tuck the ribbon inside the opening, so it is totally hidden.

       The other half of this bustle connection is a glass looking button, sewn on at the spot the ribbon needs to be brought up to. This varies per dress, how long the train is, and how short the bride wants the bustle to pull the dress up.

This dress has a corset laced back, so the best spot to place the button was at the base of all the loops and laces.  Using the glass look button, it just blends right in, so there is no need to hide it.

       Here’s the ribbon loop brought up to the button, resulting in the train being at least 4 feet shorter.  This is a great solution for dresses with detail at the end of the train, as it showcases it on top, rather than the under bustle styles.


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