Eyelet, Ruffles & Bows!


Finally took some time to finish this little petticoat up!  It is in the shop, as of this evening………..here.  I’m excited about this one, as it has buttonholes in the waistband, and a ribbon running through the casing.  This design allows for the petticoat to fit a large range of sizes; from toddlers up through much older little girls.  The fit would depend on the body shape and how the petticoat was worn.

I’m also excited in that I took these pictures outside!  Yeah………….the sun was actually shining here in Western Washington, and long enough for me to get some pictures that I kind of like.  Not perfect, by any chance, but better than I could do inside.  Taking pictures of white items has me baffled.  Even standing in the same place, with the same garment, I can get different looks to the white.  Go figure.

I’m loving my serger………..a discontinued Huskylock I picked up a year ago.  I’m still finding out things about it, as I’m not a big ‘read the directions’ sort of gal.  One thing I discovered by accident, is it has a low gear…….at least a slower speed, probably not a true low gear.  (that would be pretty handy too)   I’d apparently bumped it while taking it somewhere and when I started to sew again, I thought I needed to take it in for service, as it was just crawling along.  After searching around, there it was……….a little toggle switch!  Flipped it and I was back to normal!

The part I used today is the narrow rolled hem, which I finished off this little petticoat with.  Both the hem and the top of the ruffled header on the main tier are done this way, which makes this so light, it feels weightless.   To switch back & forth between the normal serging and the rolled hem, is just a matter of taking the left needle out and pushing a couple of buttons.  Nice.  My older machine was a nightmare to switch over, so I rarely used the rolled hem.

Some day, when I have nothing else to do, I should go to the dealership and take the Get to Know your Serger class!  I’m sure there are wonders here, that I have no idea about!


I did a fun job for a client today.  The request was to cut a comforter in half length-wise, and then finish off the raw edges, making 2 smaller comforters.  When the project arrived, surprise!!!  It was down!  I had to think about that for a couple days………but today was Get it Done Saturday because the pick up appointment is tomorrow!   I decided to mark the center first, just using a yard stick and a pencil.  So far, so good.  After noticing that the comforter was only stitched regularly in 2″ little lines, I folded the whole thing in half and shook the daylights out of it.  The down settled into the edges, leaving me an alley of sorts, that was pretty empty of feathers.  I took my shears to it, and pinned both sides shut as I went.  Without fiddling with it, I stuck one raw edge in the serger, then flipped it over and straight stitched it.  TA DA.  Half done.    I finished up the other half and was excited as I looked around the sewing room.  No feathers!  Not even one.  There might have been some fine down that filtered out, but nothing I could really see.  I really love projects like this one……..they might stump me at the beginning, but it is so fun to think of a solution.  After shaking both new halves, they look just like new.

I finished the knitting portion on #2 of my Universal Scarf pattern.  This one is out of a bulky ecru colored yarn.  I ordered some wooden beads from an Etsy seller today, hoping they speak to me and this scarf.  It needs something to make it say “look at me”.   No pictures yet……….was too tired to switch over to picture-taking mode.  I use the cutting table for the photo shoot, and it is covered.  Way too daunting to tackle at this time of night.

After binding off on the scarf, I spent some time on the sock for Client D.  (a slow project, this sock)  I’m half way through the toe decreases on sock #1, so should finish this one by tomorrow.  I haven’t had a case of second sock syndrome, so will plan on casting on for sock #2 right away.

Participated in a Social Network Blast yesterday & think I’m still seeing a bump in traffic to the shop today.  I featured my adult eyelet petticoat & it did get 3 times the views as it has been getting.  Good news I think.  Now, I would love to let the universe know…………….I’m ready for a sale!  🙂

Oh, and the count in the shop is …………81 items!  It’s a slow process, but it is looking so much more like a shop, then an experiment!


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