It’s Tiny, but It’s Done

One tiny little crocheted flower …………….done………and in the shop here.    I love crocheting these.  I’ve got the pattern memorized, so it is a perfect choice as my In The Car; Wait for Everyone project.  I stitched a brooch pin on the back of this little lavender flower, so it is ready to hold a scarf or shawl in place, or decorate a lapel, headband or clutch purse.  It also looks great pinned on a piece of ribbon & used as a necklace.


I’m just giddy with my package that arrived today, from Atlanta Thread Supply.  Great company, for anyone needing anything pertaining to sewing.  I unpacked my new cutting mat, big enough it covers my entire cutting table!!!  Can’t wait to tackle the next project…………..thinking perhaps it will be Wednesday before I need more items cut out.  A new rotary cutter & package of blades was also in the offing………..along with a couple sets of black thread for the sergers.

3 clients today, all picking up orders.  Love my customers!

Hold onto your hats……….I made a gauge swatch today!  Can’t remember doing one, so it must have been decades.  I’ve got a crochet pattern for a summer shrug, and of course, the motifs needed to be a certain size, or I’d end up with a shrug for an elephant.  Gauge fixed, and I’m on motif #3 of 10.  I’m not much on projects that need extensive piecing together, so we’ll see how I do on this one.

I spent some time re-doing pics for my Etsy shop, with my favorite being this one:

I had a question from a client today…………..and I don’t know the answer.  Feel free to give me your feed back on this one.  Which is stretchier, a 1X1 or a 2X2 rib when making a sock, specifically?    I plan to make some swatches to see if I can come up with an answer, however…….it seems to me, the answer will be fraught with “It depends………”.    Type of yarn, size of needles, tension of the knitter, etc.  What do you think?

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