Fighting with my Computer Again

Even a glass of wine   (or two) have not made this picture finding & uploading any easier.

Rachell from nomarkatall took some great pictures for me, and I am so techno challenged, this was the only one I can access.   And, this small too!  I need help.

This is the cloche I finished ages ago, but had no way to take a picture that looked like anything but a pile of fabric.  This picture looks great!  What a beautiful young lady……..and I don’t know her name either!

So, this isn’t going to get up on the Etsy shop page, as I can’t get the pictures the right size, nor can I get more than this one.   I’ll add this to the long list of “stuff I need to know how to do”.

I did get 2 of the 3 jackets finished for my own deadline today.  Hoping to get the 3rd after posting here.  Pick up is Thursday afternoon, and I’ve got 6 more for this same client.  Will aim for 3 more completed tomorrow, which will make a total of 9, with 3 short.  I need another day.

Took the evening off and went to the local meet up of Etsy Rain team members.  Rachell is the hostess of this event, and it is just minutes from my house, so it’s fun and easy!  Plus I get to knit while I visit & learn from the other artists.  I really need to take a notebook, as I know there are points I mean to remember…………but, there is no chance I’m going to.  I should just add a notebook to my knitting bag!

Time to get to work!


3 thoughts on “Fighting with my Computer Again

  1. I have a very good graphics program, if you’d like, I could try and enlarge the picture for you. Please contact me if you’d like me to give it a try! I’d be happy to help!

  2. Annie: thanks for the offer…………….but, I do have the larger pics, from Rachell. My difficulty is with picasa reader, which I have not used before. Picasa yes……but not the reader thing. I think the difficulty is ‘operator related’.

    Tamela: Good to meet you too! Thanks for visiting here!


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