84 & 85 In The Shop!

I’m getting closer to my goal of 100 items in my Etsy Shop.  I posted these last night ……………….

I know it’s summer here, but I’m always knitting and this is more of a winter item.  But, here it is anyway!  My Chunky Knitted Scarf.

















      This is the first in a series of Toddler Sundresses.  There are more in the studio here, just waiting in line for their turn at the sewing machine.




I’ve set a goal of 100 items in the shop, and I’m getting close enough now, it doesn’t seem quite as impossible as it did in January.

Several items are done, just waiting in line for me to figure out the picture uploading business.   I’m constantly surprised by how much I need to learn.  Between pictures and my camera…………..and my computer and all its’ little tricks, I’m lucky to have time to knit & sew anymore.  🙂


Today was spent getting an order ready for Client A.  I had 9 pieces completed for the afternoon pick up.  I confess, 3 0f them were hot off the sewing machine, with about 30 minutes to spare.  I hate to cut it that close, but I just didn’t think it was worth it to put in a late night working on them.  Something always goes wrong, or I decide to rip it out after seeing it in the daylight the next morning.  So, up at dawn this AM, I started in on the last 3 jackets.

I’m aiming NOT to do the same thing next week, so I worked on the order for the same client TODAY.  Only 5 pieces due next Wednesday, but 2 of them are new to me designs with no directions, no sample.  Hate that kind.  The pattern pieces are not very helpful either, with no directions on them, just occasional hash marks to match up things like pockets to seams, etc.

I’ve got my crochet hook busy working on a granny square type shrug for summer.  Hate it!  Pretty darned sure it isn’t going to see the light of day.  I don’t mind doing the motifs, but the endless attaching them to each other is going to make me crazy.

Knitting needle news:  Another quick little baby blanket, with Patons, Pixie, in a very atypical bright green.  Doesn’t look predictably baby, and I love it!  Softer than soft too; it is making up quickly and it reminds me of vintage chenille bedspreads.  I started it at the Etsy Rain Meet up on Tuesday & it is shaping up fast.  Things so so much faster when I love them.  (unlike a certain granny square shrug)

I’m pouring a glass of wine & going to drink it in bed while I watch So You Think You Can Dance?  I’ll tackle the chaos in the studio in the morning.



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