Knit vs Crochet?

Again, this morning, I was faced with the question…………Which do you like better, Knit or Crochet?

           I had a student here this AM for a private lesson in Crochet.  As we worked, the topic came up.  (It always comes up.)  The comparison between the two versions of doing pretty much the same thing.  Manipulating some form of fiber into some series of loops and knots, to make fabric.

Here’s a knitted pair of booties on the left, and a crocheted pair on the right.  They both do the job of keeping little toes covered, and I loved making each of them.  So, I’m left with no good answer to the question.

Anyone have a good answer to this question, or at least one you’ve used?

I know the knitted pair took me longer than the crocheted pair, but I like them both.  And, as I get older, I like to do both knitting and crocheting, as it is easier on my hands to switch off occasionally.

Then, there is the old rule of thumb, that says crocheting takes more yarn than knitting…..although, these samples might prove that wrong, in this case.

I’ve always been glad, ( and grateful to mom) I learned how to do both.  These days, there are many designers using both on one item and it is nice I don’t have to toss any aside because I don’t “do” one or the other.

Todays Crochet class, which was more of a 911 situation, brought up another pet peeve I have about crochet patterns.  In my personal experience, there seem to be  a higher number of patterns with errors in the crochet end of things.  Counting todays pattern snafu, I’ve run into 3 crochet patterns with minor little glitches in the directions.  Todays issue was a lack of directions, even though it had been rated easy.   A pattern I was working up for a friend/client, had the “*” symbol placed one letter to the right of where it needed to be for the pattern to work.  Small error…………huge ramifications.    I can’t remember the 3rd. But this week seems to have brought crocheting to the forefront for me this week.

So, which is it?  Knit………………or  ……………….Crochet???


Create Something Daily Challenge:

Long day, not a whole lot to show for it.    I made some progress on 3 shirts for Client A, pick up scheduled for next Wed.  All 3 shirts are to the point where they hang on a hanger……one of my little goals when I’m constructing a garment.

I managed a couple rows on the knitted baby blanket

And, I think that covers it, unless I get points for simmering a top notch soup kettle of homemade chicken broth for the freezer???  That’s creative too, just not what was in the Challenge way back in January!    🙂

4 thoughts on “Knit vs Crochet?

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  3. I do like both too even if I’ve never really ask myself this question. I can’t choose between knitting or crocheting thought !
    If I’m really thinking about it, I using both technique but not to do the same items. I do like crocheted accessory as much than knitted ones but I don’t like crocheted clothes. To do some shawls or sweater / cardigans, I will definitely rather knitting it !

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I too, hadn’t thought much about which technique I preferred, but after having so many of my beginning students ask me……..I thought I should come up with an answer!
    I like being able to do both………and my hands appreciate switching back & forth. Currently taking a crochet break, as my left arm is killing me after finishing a huge baby blanket in single crochet!

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