Thank you, Thank you………..Sold an Item!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a sold item from the Etsy shop today!  This scarf, one of the latest additions to the shop is now packaged & ready to ship on Monday.

I love the pattern on this, as well as the color combination.  The Universal Scarf pattern is such that the scarf does not roll on the edges, which is very cool.  The colors remind me of swimming pools and the colors of under water type hues.

I do think it is time to head to the stash here, and see what other summery yarn is ready to be worked into Universal Scarf #3.

Here is Universal Scarf #2 in the shop:

I’m having fun with this project, seeing how many of them I can do, and how different they look with each yarn choice.



Create Something Daily Challenge

I worked before anyone stirred here, getting a pretty good block of time in on the 3 custom shirts for Wed.  Facings on, so all that is left on these, are the hems, and a bit of top stitching.

I had some time for knitting, as I pretty much need to be upstairs when clients arrive.  My studio space on the lower level of the house, where I can’t see the front parking area.  I keep some knitting handy and use the bits of time to make some progress on current projects.  Today was the spring green fuzzy baby blanket, knit on the diagonal.  Love this pattern, love the yarn and love the color.  I’m about 1/4 into the blanket & it seems to be going fast.  If I love something, I’ll spend more time on it!  🙂

Not directly related to creating something……I moved furniture.  I’m needing to carve out some room on the main floor for a mini sewing area.  I’m getting foster kiddo #2 on Tuesday, and I don’t like to disappear into the studio until I know the child.  So, besides moving my sewing paraphernalia out of a room I’ve been using for clients fittings……………moving furniture into that room for a teenager…………I’ve been moving living & dining room pieces around to come up with a little area to sew.  I think I’ve moved everything we own at least once today!  But, it is starting to take shape and the whole arrangement will be temporary.  Foster Kiddo #1 will be moving out on July 4th, and then we do the Musical Furniture Game in reverse.  At least the house is getting cleaned in all those places that don’t normally see a vacuum or dust mop!

Met with a couple regular clients today, and now have the info needed to continue on both of their orders.

Off for a little knitting time before it is bedtime here!  (Still excited about the sale this evening!)

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