Change is good, Right?

Today has been one long day.  Anxious to get some sleep, but there were so many things today, that I’m pretty sure my brain is not going to shut down.  (working on a little glass of burgundy right now)

I added in a new foster son this afternoon.  I planned on spending the day with the last minute details re; this gentleman.  Linen, bathroom drawers cleared out, etc.

Instead, I went & got a haircut.  It was so over-due, it was a ‘have to’ sort of errand.  I felt much better, but a little more behind.  My mid day client appointment cancelled, so I sort of caught up again…

Through all this, I’m making spaghetti sauce, so there would  be a brainless dinner magically appearing at 6PM, whilst I’m visiting with the new kiddo and seeing that he has some of the basic house rules figured out.

Then, the real glitch………….which after thinking about it, has turned into a blessing……..  Client A, has decided I’m not churning out garments fast enough & she is going to need to figure out another plan.  I think this is best. It feels like a good solution to my needing 8 days per week, to finish up the amount of work I had.  Plus, the alterations take less time, use more of my creativity and pay more per hour.  Seems like a no brainer when I list all the pluses.

I finished the cooking, spent some more time with the new kiddo, separated he & the dog, (the dog was exhausted from all the extra ball playing) and got everyone headed towards their rooms & bed.  Then, I scoured the studio, packing up all the parts, fabric, and patterns for Client A.  Last pick up tomorrow evening.

I’m getting too old for days that move this fast and have so many different things going on at once.


Think I’ll pour another glass of wine & take some knitting time……………..

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