Change is Definitely Good!

Yesterday I wrote about how much change had happened in my little corner of the world.  Exhausting change.  Little bits of order being all out-of-order, things I thought were happening…….cancelled.  And, a whole bunch of ‘life stuff’ that cropped up without being on the schedule at all.

Well……… sure was a turn around.  The changes just kept coming!  But, wow, were they all terrific.  I guess I paid my dues to the universe yesterday and today was karma’s turn to visit my house!

I started off the day securing a spot in a summer camp for my new foster kiddo.  Who knew I could still get someone in at the almost-end-of June?  He’s happy………I’m thrilled.

And, the mailman paid us a personal visit with a package for me.  Well, not exactly.  It was for my dog!  He knew right away it was for him. The smell of these treats had him walking to the house on his hind legs!  Thank you Kristan from True Treats.

I’ve been emailing and then speaking with a new local connection.  They are interested in hiring me to work for their bridal boutique, doing all types of alterations.  Sounds so fun.  I mean, where could I possibly find more ruffles, ribbon and glitz??

If that wasn’t enough good stuff……….the phone rang, right during dinner, but it was worth taking.  I recognized the caller ID, as an etsy customer, who should be receiving her scarf either today or tomorrow.  I admit, my first reaction was that something was wrong with it.  She answered that question first thing, by telling me she had just received it and she loved it!  Yeah.  That topped my day off, hearing how pleased she was.  But, wait……………………there’s more!  She told me she had just been to my shop and ordered 2 more items today!

This is the scarf she bought, that arrived today.   And, here are the items I’m packaging and shipping off tomorrow!

Needless to say, I’m just itching to get into my studio.  All this positive energy has me fired up.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!  🙂

I’m going to search for ways to change-up my day tomorrow; who knows what can happen?



2 thoughts on “Change is Definitely Good!

  1. Yay for good karma!!

    And *thank you* for leaving a comment on my blog – – I would love to see your custom hanger for your circs! They are the needles that are so far still tucked into a drawer b/c I don’t have any idea how I really want to store them yet. 🙂


    • Hi Anne

      I’ll try to remember to take a shot of my circular needle holder next time I do some pictures here. My memory is almost used up! School got out yesterday and I’m anticipating a LONG summer with kids home.

      I’m always making a new needle holder, because other knitters see mine here at my studio/home and off it goes! They are really easy, even if people aren’t experienced at sewing.

      Thanks for stopping by here!


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