Summer Schedule Isn’t My Favorite

Summers here at my house, are always a test of my endurance.  At least that is how it feels to me.  I used to make a paper chain with a chain for each day of summer………….tearing one off as I slogged my way through until I saw that wonderful school bus in my driveway!

This summer shouldn’t be that bad, considering I’ll only have one boy after July 4th.  But, until then……….I tell you, I’m in the kitchen from the time I get up until I get both gentlemen in their rooms at 8:30 for quiet time……and then lights out.  (my lights seriously start dimming just after dinner!)

I feel like I’m cooking for an army of dozens, not just a little family of 4.  One forgets how much teen age boys can consume.  I think they would truly eat anything!   I barely get the kitchen cleaned up and a pot on the stove with something to add to an upcoming meal……and the questions start coming; “what’s for dinner?” and  “what are we having tomorrow?”

It is so clear to me why summer takes its’ toll on me.   I spend most of my time cooking (or prepping for cooking) and non of my time creating anything.  Cooking does not count as creativity in my book………….I hate to cook!

Rant, rant, rant.  Whine, whine, whine.  Bear with me until September.  And, of all the ghastly pieces of info in my email on Friday…………  Our district is still having difficulty (that’s what they called it) coming to an agreement between teachers and the district.  So, there is no start day for the next school year!  What?   I can’t even make my paper chain!  It just goes on forever………….with no end in sight!

Ok, will buck up here.


I did pull out an item I had finished awhile ago, but had been putting off the picture taking event.  I am desperate, as I know it will be difficult to get time to finish much up, and the pictures, editing and posting will have to be done instead of sleeping.  So, this is the best I could come up with on limited time & energy.

Truly, this is a black & pale pink shrug, but I could not get any of the pink to show, except for the extreme close up…………and it isn’t a great representation either.  I have the shrug listed here.

Took a quick pic of a scarf on my needles …………..

This one I can understand it being a tough one for me to capture, as it is all glitz and glimmer.  Doesn’t show up worth a hoot here.   I’m loving this little scarf, just some simple knitting…………..which is about all I can handle at this point.

Crossing my fingers things settle down a bit after the 4th.  I’m going to have the wine chilling in preparation!

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