Tuesday Treasury Feature

I don’t know if you have visited Etsy Treasury Hunter yet, if not,  here’s your chance.  My latest treasury “there’s a kind of hush…….”  is featured here.   Please visit if you love hand made or have a soft spot for anything lavender!  Such gorgeous items, from jewelry to a lovely hank of yarn just waiting for needles!

I am getting some work in here, even with the crazy schedule our household is on, now that summer vacation has begun.  (would seriously vote for all year school!)    I’ve got knitting and crocheting projects everywhere, so I can pick something up, no matter who I’m supervising, or where I’m at.  I’m pretty amazed I’m able to create anything at this point, but I’ve got 3 scarves on the needles; one totally plain and a couple with the Universal Scarf Pattern, which I’ve got committed to memory.  (amazed I’ve got a memory)

I did finish 2 clients orders and had one of them picked up today.  Met with a new client too, so the alterations & custom work here are still moving along.  I was aiming to NOT have clients here until after July 5th, but I’m a softy on the phone!

I have hit a strange sort of marker with my Etsy shop.   Things are starting to expire!  As this happens, I’m making some decisions about re listing, or re working the item.  Todays project back on the drawing board is a felted Buttonhole Bag.  I’ve decided to re shape the bag, making it more flat than 3 dimensional.  Also, removing the crocheted flower and adding pockets and a key ring holder on the lining.  Whenever this gets done, the picture taking event is next.  This purse was in my first round of pictures, so none of them are going to see the light of day this time.  Perhaps the sun will come out this week, and the purse can go outside for a new look?

Tomorrows project is a new one for me.  Adding elastic in the waistband of leather motorcycle pants.  The pants are so heavy, I’m trying to rig up something to hold them while I have the waistband in the sewing machine.  In my mind, this should work.  We’ll see how the whole thing works in the light of day tomorrow!



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