Nothing New, No Pics, Zip…

This is disappointing.  I have nothing to show for the last couple days.  I have been working, but not on fun stuff it seems.

I had set aside this last week, to be available to my foster kiddo that is moving out tomorrow.  True to form, he has saved most of his TO DO list until now!  Or later than now, if that is possible.  His ride is coming at 10AM in the morning, and I’m envisioning a mad dash to gather up his belongings and be out the door.   Some of my requests for him to clean his space (as if he were vacating an apartment) are being met.  However, I’m pretty sure clean is a relative term.

I’ve been knitting on various projects as I have time.  On the needles:

-Baby blanket, knit in a diagonal pattern which I love.  However, I discovered today, I knit WAY better then I count, apparently.  I ripped out a couple hours worth of knitting when I realized I was not decreasing twice to get the 2nd half of this blanket to come back to the point it started with.  I’m back on track, and it should go much faster, now that it will be a stitch narrower each row.

-Universal Scarf pattern in a chunky, multi stripe sort of yarn……..loving this, and thinking it is getting close to a good length to cast off.  Maybe another 10″ or so??  Will need to drape it around the manikin pretty soon. And, a 2nd one of these scarves………in a traffic cone orange, with a bit of yellow spun in for good measure.  Very chunky & fuzzy.  Not liking this one so much, as I’m not fond of orange or yellow.   It is several days from being finished.

-Still have the 2 sock projects in the works.  Both of them are on sock #2.  Just haven’t been in a sock mood, thus, the scarves.

-And, then there is the forlorn lace pattern scarf.  It has been abandoned, and the needle tips have been removed to start something else………

-Began a mobius loop cowl last night, with a yummy soft deep lavender/purple yarn.  Just plain knit, as the yarn is the deal here, not the stitches.  Finding this a slow go…….but loving the yarn, and it looks like it is going to scrunch up perfectly when around someones neck.

So, many things in the works, nothing completed.  I haven’t even taken the time to get pictures of items in the sewing room.  I’ve got a new circular needle holder about half completed, and the Victorian style velvet and lace cuff is done but the closures.

My helper gets back from her mini vacation on Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to some chunks of time for the studio at that point.  One more day!



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