WIP (works in progress) Report

Finally, I had the camera, my yarn and a few minutes to prove I’ve been doing something!

The baby blanket done with Pixie.  So ultra soft, I can’t come up with good descriptive words for this little blanket.  As most of my projects, this one is on my Denice needles…..which I love.  I’ve had them so long, and use them so much, the little storage case is starting to fall apart.

This is the blanket where I learned I could not count!  I’m doing the diagonal blanket, but when I got to the widest part, instead of thinking…………..I just kept knitting.  And, knitting.  Finally, I had a sane moment and realized, it wasn’t getting any smaller; I was not decreasing each row!  Duh.  It is now back on track and I had time to get a couple rows knit today.  Aiming for the finish line by Friday of this week!

This is a tough one to get a decent picture of (at least for me).  This is Universal Scarf #4 I think.  I’ve got two in the Etsy shop………..here and here.   And, one more on the needles , but no pic today.

I was thinking about mindless knitting today.  I’ve often called this type of knitting my ‘idiot knitting’.  Projects I can do without having to count or think, and the world won’t end if I have to stop and handle something here at home.  (with the exception of the counting problem on the baby blanket I usually manage pretty well).

Today was a pretty mixed up day here.  One foster kiddo moving out, bio mom here at the house for what seemed like ages….   Foster kiddo up by 4:45AM as he was pretty wound up……….so my day started EARLY!  Major cleaning required before moving foster kiddo #2 into the bigger permanent room, and oddly enough, a regular alterations client here for an appointment this afternoon.  I needed some zen type knitting time!

Knitting is good for me.  It makes me sit quietly, I feel productive and I’m always reminded to just take a moment to relax.  It worked today.  I’m tired, but all’s well.

I’m not getting up before 5AM tomorrow, no matter what!


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