New Listing on Etsy Shop

It has been awhile since I added to the shop.  Our new summer schedule is not conducive to me creating much more than 3 HUGE meals a day.  Since one of the foster kiddos moved out yesterday, we’re back to a household of 3 ……with only one teen boy & his appetite.  I think I can get some knitting & sewing time in pretty darned soon!

My goal is to teach the remaining teen some basic kitchen chores, thus giving me a bit more time with my yarn & fabric.  So far, so good.  He is inching his way to being able to cook oatmeal from scratch…………not the instant kind.  I finished a scarf today.  The system is working!

Here’s the finished product, already photographed, and up in the shop here:

I cast off using both the needle and the cast on edge, sort of a modified 3 needle bind off technique, making this a continuous loop, or Infinity Scarf as I’m calling it.  I love how soft it is, and how it drapes.

It felt good to complete something!  I’ve finished the orange/yellow scarf too, and will be taking pictures soon.  I love the scarf, but orange & yellow will never be very high up on my favorite color list.  This does look stunning with olive green behind it however.    If the planets align, I’ll have that scarf on the website tomorrow!


Still in the works:

Yummy soft purple cowl/neck warmer.

More than soft lime green knit baby blanket

And, of course…………2 socks on needles.

I did manage a couple sewing/alteration clients today.  Since yesterday was a holiday, I made my weekly visit to the local retirement home.  This has turned out to be a great connection & I absolutely love working for the folks who live there, as well as many of the staff members.

For the first time in years, I forgot my business cards today.  None in my bag, none in the new van……….zip.  I will stash some extras first thing in the AM, as I was asked multiple times today, for my card.  I also need to move the magnetic signs from the car to the new van…..another so-simple advertising technique here.

Clients scheduled here in the AM, then I should be spending a few hours playing catch-up in the sewing room.  Many, many orders due for the week end.

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