Traffic Stopping Orange Scarf……Completed!

Even though orange is not on my favorite colors list, I’m warming up to this new scarf I finished this week.  See it listed in my Etsy shop, here.

I also love the way this yarn drapes.  I was able to pull this through, as if I was going to tie it, which ended up with this rosette sort of arrangement.  Love this look.


I will have some knitting time today, as I’m taking foster son to the dentist.  That will be it though, as the rest of the day is filled with client fittings and a search for a new oven element.  Last nights events here, included the minor explosion when the main oven element here, gave up in a 4th of July type shower of sparks.  Switching up some menus for the week, until I can get the element and get it plugged back in the oven here.  It’s always something……



One thought on “Traffic Stopping Orange Scarf……Completed!

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