New Item, New Client

I’ve had a busy day.  Good, but busy.  Still not used to the no school, summer schedule.  All the days seem like Saturday and it feels like I spend over half my day cooking.

This is finally off my needles and posted in my Etsy Shop.   I wish I could convey with words how soft this is!

The blanket is knit from Pixie yarn, which is 100% nylon.  It feels like a cross between velvet and a kitten!  When I’ve been knitting, people want to touch this and after they touch it, they don’t want to give me back my swatch!  Addicting yarn if I’ve ever seen one!  See the rest of the pictures here.  I’m loving this, especially since it isn’t a typical baby type color.  This seems about the same green as lime sherbet! By the way, this listing put my total items up to 89.  I’m aiming for 100, and I’d love to have a difficulty getting to 100………… in, I’d like to keep selling items, so I never get to 100.  🙂

I’m using the same yarn in a lovely purple, to make a cowl/neck warmer.  It was just so soft, I thought it would be delicious up and around someones neck!  Almost half done with this……….have a pic ready to upload, but too lazy tired tonight.  There is always tomorrow…..


To the day job:

One new client, from the ad in the local paper.  One more that needs her items right away.  I’m going to practice telling clients on the phone, or on email…………that I will be able to get to their orders in about a week.  Not done in a week, but get started on them.

My TO DO board is full tonight.  I’ve got this numbering system……with 10 tags, and I’m already on #11 & #12. Not great for my mental health to have more than 10…….and I’m happiest with 8 open orders.

So, it is off to the sewing room I go this evening, to play a bit of catch up.




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