Inching Towards 100 Items in the Shop

Here’s the latest item finished and listed in my Etsy shop.   Slowly, I’m making my way to number 100!

I love how this turned out. It was such a fun, quick knit too………… yummy to touch, it was tempting to just “pet” this, instead of knit!

This also pulls up over ones’ head, when wearing it around your neck….but, I don’t have a way to take a picture of it that way.    What a glorious color!



On the local front:  (otherwise known as my day job)

I delivered one order this AM, and picked up a new one.  Two clients scheduled for this evening, one for a last (hopefully) fitting on a mother of the bride dress……..and the other to pick up a HUGE order of alterations.  I do believe the woman has brought me most of her closet this time!

Todays job is to put a narrow machine hem in the top layer of a wedding dress I’ve been working on.  Final fitting and pick up for this is tomorrow.  I love taking on wedding jobs, but by the end of the work, I’m glad to see the dresses move on out of the sewing room!

And, the most amazing project of all today, is I’m sewing something for the house.  Yes, this house!  🙂   The latest foster kiddo is not the neatest diner, so I took advantage of Joannes’ 50% off coupon & picked up a large hunk of clear vinyl for the dining room table.  I’ve got a table cloth cut to go under that, and all I need to do is check the size, then hem it.  Oh, and dye it to match the room…………it’s white right now, so we look a bit restaurant/hospital like.  Not the look I was going for!  The plan is, this young man can relax with the dribbles at the table, but be in charge of clearing the table after meals and then washing off the vinyl. This way, he has an after dinner chore like the rest of us, and we’ll all have a clean table between meals.


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