Closer & Closer

I’m still moving at a snails pace, but this evening I managed to get 2 items listed in the shop.  My total is now at 92 items.  My goal has been to list 100 items and I’m getting so close I can see it!   I can’t believe it when I think back to December ’10, and the meager little bit I started with.  I have learned so much, and made so many friends…………this is just the most fun I’ve had in ages!

Here’s the items I added this evening………….

I promise I’ll get this young ladies name to give credit where credit is due. She makes my hat look fantastic.  What a stunning young woman!   This is the hat from Boutique Knits, a great book I just had to have.  I’m knitting the 2nd one of these now, for several reasons.  First off, it is a super fun knit.  Some projects are just OK, others are interesting, some I learn new things from and this one seemed to have it all.  Knitting the ruffles first, then knitting them together……..and around the band.  And, at that point, picking up stitches and creating the actual hat!  The other reason, is that this is going to be the first Give Away I’ve participated in.  Details will be coming……..


This is one of the baby blankets I’ve been working on.  See it here.  I love this pattern, as it is truly an easy knit.  I can work on this one while concentrating on something else.   Affectionately called my idiot knitting!  It’s different, as it is constructed on the diagonal, starting with just 3 stitches in one corner…………..and knitting outward until I decide it is big enough…….then, decreasing back down to the last corner & 3 stitches.  Done on larger needles, this ends up being one of the softest things I have ever felt.

Thanks to Rachel at nomarkatall for the great pictures.  What a difference a photographer makes!  She also has the patience of a saint, as it took me weeks…………, probably months, to get her pictures onto my computer and then try to get them onto Etsy.  Confession time:  I had help.  It is true, I can knit.  I can sew.  But, all the other stuff……….I need some big time help.  (thanks to Peter, with Peter’s PC,  my new best friend!)



Create Something Daily Challenge:

Today was an odd day.  One client cancelled, to re schedule next week.

I did learn alot today, thanks to Peter!  He is going to assist with all things computer related here, until I can’t absorb any more!  (that might happen pretty darned soon!)

Worked on Client V’s order, to be picked up tomorrow.  2 more pieces to finish.  Hoping for a couple hours in the AM.

Cut a friends hair………creating with an entirely different medium!

Cast off on the drop stitch scarf, knit with the ribbon yarn.  I’m planning on an asymmetrical bit of fringe on both ends, which should take me forever to heat seal all the cut edges.  There is an off chance it will be ready to add to the shop tomorrow.  Very colorful, lightweight, and it sort of reminds me of tie dye from the 70’s.

Knit a few more inches on a simple scarf, all shades of red……….again light weight, lacy…..would be very cute over a white T shirt, or over a ‘little black dress’.  This one will be a few more days………I want to get it long enough it can wrap around enough to look like a cowl I think.



2 thoughts on “Closer & Closer

  1. I actually want to know exactly why you titled this specific article,
    “Closer & Closer | stitchknit”. No matter what I appreciated it!Thanks for your time,Mia

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