Universal Scarf Pattern

After making up this pattern several times, with different fibers and different needles, I’m convinced. …..it is my new favorite pattern!          Big & chunky yarn on size 15’s I think.

Another big & chunky on about a size 13

And, a cotton yarn, more like a knit……..done on a size 10 needle:

The pattern is so simple, it’s easily committed to memory, or it’s easy enough to just “read” your knitting after completing the first 4 rows.    I first found it on the Knitting Daily blog, as a challenge to try it with a variety of yarns & needle sizes.  Just loving a challenge, I started right in!

With yarn and needles of your choosing, CO 18 sts. Note: Edge sts are worked in garter st throughout.
Rows 1 and 3: K2, [k2, p1] 4 times, k4.
Row 2: K2, p2 [k1, p2] 4 times,k2.
Row 4: Knit.
Rep Rows 1-4 until scarf measures desired length, leaving enough yarn to BO and ending with a Row 2. BO all sts loosely in patt.
FINISHING Weave in ends.

I have finished some of the scarves with just the bind off edge, others I’ve added beads & fringe to.  The one in my sewing room now………is waiting for some sort of finish, as the yarn is so lightweight & plain, it just seems to need an exciting finish.
This stitch pattern is non-curling, so blocking is unnecessary.   One of the many things I love about this!

Each time you make it, the end result will look and act differently.  Fun, fun, fun!

Please send pictures if you try this out……..   There will be limitless possibilities!


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