My Venture into Steampunk

Pretty sure I haven’t arrived at Steampunk, however, I did step out of my zone here in the studio.  After seeing a few folks at a local Etsy meet up, I started imagining some items from my collection of vintage fabrics and trim here.  This little cuff is my first venture, see it here in the Etsy shop.

I’ve been adding to my stash of vintage fabrics and trims for decades, it was high time I made something, don’t you think?  I like this little bit of velvety goodness, it feels so good on!

The second item listed today is this very simple knit scarf out of a variegated boucle yarn.  I’m addicted to boucle.  It knits up so fast, has all that texture and seems to tie and drape better than most other yarns.

This scarf tends to change personalities, depending on which way you wrap it.  The colors change slowly, and move through many shades of red.  Wrap one way, it looks bright red, wrap another and it is more of a red/black. See it in the shop here.

I spent a few days playing with how to top off this scarf, or more specifically, how to do something to the ends. The scarf ended up being SO lightweight, the ends needed a TA DA finish.  (at least in my opinion)

I initially thought pom poms would be a fun little bit of whimsy………….and I love to make tassels, but discarded both due to the yarn.  The boucle comes un twisted as soon as it is cut.

After experimenting a bit, I ended up wrapping yarn around my clear straightedge ruler.  Instead of cutting it, like I was going to make fringe with it, I pulled it all off the ruler ……….very carefully.  I laid it on top of the cast on edge of the scarf and zig zag stitched it on with the machine.  This way, there were only 2 raw ends to finish up on both ends.  I love the look, it sort of has my pom pom feel, and it gives the ends more weight so the scarf ties better.


And, for anyone keeping track of my efforts to reach 100 items listed in the Etsy shop, I’m getting OH, so close!  94 as of tonight!

I’m also making a public statement about my sewing studio.  The time has come for more cleaning and organizing.  I picked up a couple dozen containers, so I’ve got no further excuses.  The real truth is, I can’t find the right fabric when I want it.  Containers & labels are going to be my saving grace…………the system will save time in the long run, but will take me ages to make sense of this mountain of chaos in the sewing room.  No deadline set, as “art” can’t be rushed.  Right???




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