Bookcases, Boxes & Zip Lock Bags

These are the pieces I’m using to make some sense of the chaos in my sewing room!  I’ve been reading blog entries & tweets from other fabric artists and they all seem to be concentrating on organization.

I’m a fairly neat person, and try to pick up the place after each project……….or series.  However, lately, there is very little empty space.  I think my creativity is directly related to how much empty (read …..clean) space there is in the studio.

The clutter is messing with my usual studio time.  Clear & simple………… is time to dung out the space.

I have no real plan, other than knowing something needs to be done.  So, I’m spending no money on this event, and using moving boxes to begin with.

Besides reading about other artists space getting all spiffed up……..I had a clients job this week, and I could not find any fabric that would make an appropriate facing for the slacks.  There are hundreds of fabrics in my studio & storage space.  But, my labeling system (as it is loosely called) is sorely lacking.

So, after wasting a couple days, trying to go through stacks and drawers of fabrics, that I had initially sorted into:

  • woven
  • knit
  • lining
  • fancies (which I’m saving for a quilt design that lives in my imagination)
  • interfacing
  • quilted

………………………………I could see I had not sorted them into categories I could make use of.

I’d love to know how others break the sorting of fabric down.  What I’m finding, is I need all my solids in one place.  Particularly, my woven solids.  I have skads of prints, dots & stripes, but apparently, very few yards of solid anything!  I’m thinking it is my collection of woven fabric that is the main problem here!

I’ve gathered my supplies………….and I’m going to put in a few hours a day sorting, packing and labeling. With luck, a few prayers, lighting a candle and bowing to the East, this messy collection of stuff will soon be an organized system of inventoried supplies.  (oh, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed too, it can’t hurt)



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