A Couple of Tips on Threading Sergers

I have been using a serger since they became available to the home sewer, and have mostly learned what NOT to do!

Here’s a couple things I think are important:

  • Never pull the thread out of your serger!  Some of the newer models have the air puff threading bit, but mine are all the older variety, where I have to thread them myself.   If I mess up somehow, run out of thread, or a thread/needle break…..I can spend ages getting the machine back up & running.  SO……..don’t let the thread run out and for sure, don’t pull the thread out without re threading.
  • To re-thread:  I have started a new little routine to re thread.  First I cut the 2 lower looper threads close to the spools. After taking those two spools off, I put the new threads on and up through the guides.  I tie an easy knot, attaching the new thread to the old piece that is still threaded through the lower portion of the machine.
  • At this point, I lift the pressure foot, and pull the 2 needle threads out of the machine.  (being careful not to disrupt the old looper threads)
  • While the pressure foot is up, I pull the old lower looper threads through the machine, until I see the new color thread come up.  Then, I cut off my knots and I’m done with the lower loopers. This has been a much better option for me, rather than tying the old on to the new and then just sewing them through.  More often than not, one of them would break half way through the machine and that’s never good news.
  • The 2 needle threads can now be re threaded, and here is where I’ve come up with a term for these.  I have a student who is a dental hygienist and she likened the action to dental floss.  The tension for the 2 needle threads can be difficult to know when you’ve got the thread actually IN them.  I use two hands, with one behind the tension dials and one in front.  I pull the thread back and forth………….the same action as flossing! This assures me that the thread is going to be IN the tension discs before I start to sew.
  • After I give my 2 needle threads a ‘flossing’, I continue on, and thread both needles.
  • NOW, it is time to start the machine and sew a chain with all 4 new threads.

Using this new little routine, I’ve almost eliminated my threading issues and have become much better friends with my serger!


Perhaps one of my tips will help you & your serger!


On the local front:  (otherwise known as my day job)

I finally finished the 2 tablecloths. These have been haunting me in my sewing studio for months.  Yes, actually months!  There was so much wrong with this job.  First & foremost, I’m so awful with anything math related, and I thought this was going to be a math nightmare for me.  Secondly, the client wanted 2 round tablecloths made from 3 rectangle ones, and one square one.

After starting to work on this project, I discovered, there wasn’t alot of math, as the fabric just dictated how big the cloths were going to be.  A circle is a circle…….and I couldn’t get it any bigger than the width of the fabric.  Plus, the 2 matching tablecloths were NOT matching.  I could not use the fabric from that one or it was going to look very peculiar.

So, the whole thing went better than I was expecting.  Which is the case with me so often.  I think things through until they magnify and I just keep putting them off.  Both tablecloths have been made round.  All I have left to do is tack off the serger threads, and press them before the client gets here tomorrow afternoon.

With the time I had left today…………I began playing around with a crochet hook, some yarn and combining a couple pattern ideas for little baby boy booties.  So far, I’ve got 2 matching soles for a pair of high top tennis shoes!  Pretty cute & they aren’t even half done!  I needed something small & cute after the tablecloth project!

In between the tablecloths and the booties, I made a little treasury on Etsy.  I had heard a blurb on the news yesterday, about how Seattle has had a 78 minute summer!  That is…………we have had a total of 78 minutes of weather that is 80 degrees or above this year.  So, in honor of our drippy, foggy, gray “summer”, here is my interpretation.

Please stop by & check out some of these artists.  Many are from the Pacific Northwest, and likely have a coat and an umbrella with them at all times!  We are all getting a little cranky with the weather here, but on the other hand…………….we are not sweltering like much of the country.   Come to Seattle if you want to cool off!


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