Enter to Win~ My First Giveaway/Feature

That’s right.  My Etsy Shop is  featured here, at NoMarkAtAll , in a contest Rachel is hosting on her  blog.  Read the rules, and then jump right in. There are multiple ways to participate, including twitter, facebook, making treasuries on Etsy……..you name it.
Here’s the item I chose for the giveaway…..a lovely side ruffled cloche in a light sea green.

I have a 2nd  one, already knit…………just waiting to be shipped to the lucky winner!  Enter even if you’re not a ‘hat person’, as it would make a beautiful holiday gift too.



Create Something Daily Challenge:

I’m creating all the time these days. I think back to the 6th of January, 2011, when I read about the Challenge for the first time.  I grabbed a spiral notebook, and began writing to keep track of what I was doing….

At that point, I had no idea what I’d done by starting up my Etsy shop a couple weeks before.  Wow.  If I could start all over, it would be fantastic.  What a bumbling beginning.  And, as I read through an entire notebook of stats, ideas, sketches of ideas, and a record of what I was doing with fabric & fiber each & every day I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!

I’ve got just 4 pages to go in my first notebook.  It helps me see that I truly am doing something creative each & every day.  Often not finishing an item………..but creative??  Absolutely.   I’ve got my next notebook all ready to go!

Todays projects included finishing a ribbon scarf, taking pictures and getting it listed in the Etsy shop.  I’m loving this scarf, for the fast drop stitch pattern, as well as the ribbon!  Who doesn’t like knitting with ribbon anyway?

See it in the shop here.


New item in the finished category today, but no pictures yet.  I really, really need a baby.  Just for pictures, mind you!   The latest little items are crocheted high tops!  Oh, my goodness. The cute factor is off the chart here.  With luck, they will be in the shop tomorrow…………




















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