Shoes for the Tiniest Team Member

My latest little item for the Etsy Store.  Baby Hightops!  Finally something for the boys!  I’ve been sewing, knitting & crocheting now for months and this is the first item specifically for the little guys.

These were so much fun to crochet.   It has been decades since I’ve had little ones…….hard to remember feet that could be this small!



Welcome & Thank you to the new subscribers!   I try to write every couple days, but life sometimes gets in the way here.

I did something I normally don’t consider doing, let alone on a Saturday.  I went to Joanne’s.  I hate shopping, and I really hate shopping on the week ends.  I had a mending/alterations job due tomorrow, that needed a zipper.  After looking through my stash of zippers…………  Nothing at all that would work.    After picking up a couple zippers (so I can put some in the stash here) I found the pillow forms for the client meeting on Monday.  I also found out Joanne’s does not give little color samples of fabric any longer.  How many years has it been since I asked for one?  When did this new business start, of measuring off 2″ and charging for it?  I wouldn’t normally do this, but the client asked me to do the shopping for 3 new cushions…..    so, I paid .50 cents for a 2″ strip of brown corduroy.

I met with one client this evening, and managed to come up with time to finish the alterations for tomorrows client.  An unconventional job; putting a gusset in the back seam of a pair of slacks, and adding 4″ to the back of the waistband, along with replacing the zipper.  I think a new pair of slacks might have been a better choice?

I also finished up the beaded mother of the bride dress.  Good thing too, as the wedding is next week end.  This dress has been more involved than the wedding dress was.    I’ve spent so much time on this one……….I loved the dress when I first saw it, but I’m more than anxious for it to make its’ way out of my sewing room.

I had a  bit of knitting time, while watching R. shoot baskets at the park.  I left that project in the van this afternoon & was too lazy to go out & get it tonight……, started to crochet another pair of baby booties. These are styled after black & white tap shoes!  Can’t wait to get them finished up; have both soles done at this point.



2 thoughts on “Shoes for the Tiniest Team Member

  1. I’m so honored that you came by my blog and commented. Now I see how very talented you are! I have a great nephew on the way and these little booties are amazing! I need to get these for the shower! I wish I had that kind of talent, but I certainly appreciate it in others.
    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for visiting & for the lovely compliments. I am having such fun with my knitting & sewing these days. I’ve got a few other items for little boys in the works, as I know my shop is heavy on the pink ruffly side of things! 🙂

    Again, thanks for stopping by!


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