Learned a New-To-Me Crochet Stitch

Never too old to learn a new trick or two………….or, in this case, a crochet stitch.

I had a drop in crochet class today, more like a marathon to be clear.  I started teaching at 2PM and quit at 6:15!  I’m tired, a bit brain dead and pretty much talked out!

This was a day for the beyond beginners to get together & challenge themselves a bit.  So, I had printed off a pattern for a soap saver sack, which I thought was going to be pretty easy.  Wrong!  It had a stitch in it that proved to be a bit more than challenging.

We started out OK, chaining, then sc, then a row of dc.  So far, so good.  Even had the counting of the stitches down pat this session.

Then came the new stitch…………a double crochet, criss cross stitch.  I loved the looks of it, and when I did the sample up this AM, it seemed to go just fine.  I’d never seen this stitch used, or noticed it in a pattern, so I was excited to also be learning something new.

However……………this one was a tricky little bit of stitchery.  The stitch starts off with ch 3, then moving the hook behind the ch 3, dc in the st before the ch 3 spot.  Right then, I offered to adjust the pattern to NOT have the criss cross business in the project, but everyone said they were up to learning the new stitch.  (later in the afternoon, it had a few different sorts of names!)

Once you get the first criss cross done, then you sk 1 st and dc in the next st.  Taking the hook behind the dc, then dc in the skipped st.  It really turns out well, with the little diagonal criss crosses, it has a lovely pattern to it.  In between the criss cross rows, we sc a plain row, then back to the now horrible criss crosses.

Most everyone sort of ‘got it’ about half way through the afternoon, after the tea & goodies break.  But, who knew the criss cross part of a stitch they all knew………….was going to throw such a glitch in the project.

Everyone DID finish a soap sack, and if I hadn’t been so completed wiped out, there might be pictures to accompany this post.  But, no.  I’m going to go talk to my pillows!




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