More Booties!

I’ve got this new pattern engrained in my brain now, and can’t seem to stop crocheting.  Here’s the newest pair….

All cotton yarn again, for the softest, natural feeling little slippers/booties.  With the satin ties, I do believe these would even stay on! To see them on the Etsy site, check out the other pictures here.



Create Something Daily Journal:

I’ve been busy.  Not necessarily knitting or crocheting, however.   I am squeezing in a bit of crochet time, with another pair of the cotton booties on the hook right now.  The new ones are a Mary Jane style little ‘shoe’….and I’m hoping to locate a couple vintage buttons for the straps.  Thinking of a tiny bit of embroidery on the strap, or at the toe of the shoes.  Not sure yet…….

Most of my time has been taken up with a new Craigs list ad we’re running here at the house.  It’s finally time to start parting with my Dad’s workshop & most of the tools.  He died over 10 years ago, so we’ve had plenty of time to think about doing this………….now it is time.  (the real push came when we decided to go with the new windows and insulation, which means the wood shop MUST be cleared so the crew can get in)

On the other side of all this work is the prize!  I’m going to use the workshop for more space for the sewing studio!  Can’t wait…..although, it looks like years of work to me at this point.  Only some very small items have been sold, so absolutely NO space has been cleared out as yet.

I re listed my Crocheted Shrug that I thought was sold………..but it wasn’t.  Apparently, this was a phishing scam that is making it’s way through some Etsy shops, aiming to get paypal accts and passwords.  I think I’ve covered all my bases in clearing this up, the only piece left undone is that Etsy still  thinks I sold this item.

Still plugging away on Client P’s order.  Mending a HUGE pile of slacks that were worn without hemming them to the proper length to start with.  Frayed beyond being able to just turn them up, I’m mending the area, then facing the slacks to have something to actually sew to.  Can’t wait to get to the bottom of this pile.  All the slacks are so much alike & I only have the khaki colored ones left……….so it is an exercise in perseverance here!

Two private sock knitting classes this week……….with another this afternoon.  Love working 1 on 1 with students.  We’re tackling the gusset areas, paying attention to the corners, where it is easy to have a little hole!  Aiming for no holes!     If you’ve got tips on how to teach this, I’d love to learn some new ideas!  Please feel free to share here.




2 thoughts on “More Booties!

    • Thanks Amanda! After having all boys in our family, I am now addicted to anything with ruffles, bows or lace. Or, all 3!
      I sewed for boys, just long enough I guess!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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