Eagle Above………..River Below

That was the title I gave to my latest treasury.  I so love putting them together, even though they seem to sneak their way into my day here and take WAY more time than I had in the first place.

But, I get an idea in my head & it is a bit like a scavenger hunt, to see what I can find on Etsy that will fill in my vision.  Wow, what talented people.  I think I put this particular grouping together for a couple reasons.

– I work in a basement.  One that has pretty much no view of the outside

-I live just outside Seattle, Wa.  The Seattle that isn’t getting a summer.

Put those two situations together & it just seemed like time for me to take a virtual hike.  Thus, the scenes of eagles and rivers and items like boots, walking sticks and trail mix cookies!  Eagle Above, River Below.

I found such interesting shops & items for this collection, be sure to check out the river rock necklace just one of the lovelies.


Create Something Daily Journal;

Almost nothing today.  Unless you count 2 homemade pizza’s for dinner.  They were delish.  Fresh mozzarella, basil from the garden and a touch of Italian sausage.  And, the best part?  There is a plate of leftover pizza in the fridge, so I’m going to be able to skip cooking tomorrow night.  (I just hate to cook; it is so temporary. Spend all day in the kitchen and the results are gone in less than 15 minutes here)

I managed a few minutes of knitting time………..worked on a Universal knit scarf, with a micro spun sort of yarn in the brightest fuchsia I could imagine.

Also had some crochet time while breakfast was cooking.  (here, again……the cooking stuff is just cutting into my MAKING time, all the time, every day!)   Working on a complete wardrobe of booties apparently.  I can’t stop.  I’ve got aqua ones, lavender ones and pastel mary janes with variegated yarn.   Hoping to have them all finished in the next couple days and ready to post.

BECAUSE………….Get this!  They will be the 98, 99, and 100th listing on my Etsy store site.    I’m getting just a touch giddy about the whole thing.  It has taken me almost 8 months to get to 100 listings.

Now, if I could just convince folks here to give up the regular meal thing, I’d have so much more time to knit, crochet & play with fabric!

**** And, a special “hello” to the new subscribers to my little Create Something Daily Journal….   Thanks for following along!  Why don’t you jump on board and start creating something daily too?


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