My Elusive Goal of 100 Items Listed

I was sooooo close!  I listed my 99th item this evening.  TA DA, right?  Every bit of information I have read about opening an Etsy shop, says you need to aim for 100 listings. I was this close!

I added in the cotton crocheted Mary Janes here:  A yummy soft  100% cotton makes these just a delicious little pair of booties for your newest little one!       ………………Number 98 if you’re keeping track!  🙂

I had finished a scarf this afternoon, and managed to get it listed to, as I was inching SO close to the magic 100.   This is the latest scarf using the Universal Scarf Pattern.  Again, with the cotton. Must be the fact we finally got some sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest.  In the 70’s even………  Anyway, I’m all about the cotton these days.  100% Egyptian Cotton, made in Italy for this showy number:

I love how this yarn drapes.  It looks like a turtle neck, or cowl when it is wrapped close up to your neck.  And, when it is pulled a bit, to make it more of a tube shape, it lays out more like a necklace with three strands.

And, at this point……………the number is 99!  Unbelievable to me.  I have the next couple items on the needles……….and can almost see the 100 in front of me.







I checked my email after finishing up the cooking dinner chore…….and what did I find?   Back to number 97!  Now, this is a good thing as it means my White Knitted Baby Blanket is going to a new little baby!


I’ll aim for 100, but I’m perfectly happy hovering about here in the 90’s!  (my total, not the temperature!)  Selling my creations is still such a high for me.  I don’t think I’ll get tired of this feeling.  Too Much Fun!



And, if that wasn’t just the icing on the day……….my little Citrus Slice Sundress is featured in this bright treasury:


Create Something Daily Challenge:

Busy, busy making my crocheted cotton booties.  They are so fun, and I can do them anywhere.  Easy to take with, when I have to wait at someones appointment…….the pattern is now engrained in my head…….and I can make them with little bits of yummy yarn.  Perfect!

I actually had time today to finish up a couple projects for a family member!  Amazing, huh?  Considering some of the pieces had been in the sewing room for ……..let’s say, a long time!

Worked on small bits of things for clients.  Nothing completed, but some items cut out, a couple things blocked and some fabric located for a clients repair.  Progress.


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