Two of my New Favorite Things

       I never thought I’d give up my tiny scissors.  But, they are taking a back seat to my Grab & Go Thread Snips!  They arrived today, and you’d think it was Christmas here.

I notice last week, that my right thumb was sore to the touch.  Not a good thing when you have to use your hands to knit or sew, to say nothing of cook, clean, eat, and all the other stuff that has to be done around here.  It seemed that the little scissors were the culprits.  I have a couple pair, in different parts of the studio………but, they made my thumb very cranky every time I went to use them.  Enough.

I headed to the supply section of Etsy, and ordered this pair from StitchCraftShop and told my scissors to prepare for retirement.

They arrived yesterday and I’m in heaven.   I worked in the studio for hours today and my thumb is in heaven.  I can feel a difference already.  Thanks Nicole!


My 2nd purchase this week, also arrived.  Again, a pattern was requiring a size crochet hook that I didn’t own.  How could that be?  I have so many.  More than many.  But, no Size E.  The pattern my client is having me copy, suggested an H.  Tried that for a minute, and my gauge was HUGE compared to the sample Christmas Stocking I’m supposed to be matching.  Moved down to a G…..same thing.  And, on down to an F.  Still too big.  Scoured the crochet section here, as well as my bag with class supplies.  Nothing even close to an E.

You guessed it.  Off to Etsy again.  (shopping here is a challenge.  new foster kiddo is not so good at shopping as yet.  Etsy saves me over & over)   I found a new to me type of hook from Grandmas Hand Knitting.  This one has a bamboo handle, from C’hiaoGoo.  What a great fit.  My hand, including my cranky thumb, is already best friends with this hook.  I can see a transition in my future………….and think I really need a full set of these!

Funny how long I’ll go with my old tools here.  I’m used to them, I think they are fine….   But, given a new wrinkle, I am thrilled.  Such small things….  make for welcome change.


Oh…………..the Size E hook is perfect.  I had to really pull up on my yarn & tension, but I have a gauge swatch worked up this evening, that is pretty close to perfect.  Now, I just have 60 some squares to complete before assembling the socks!


Create Something Daily Challenge:

I did create something today.  That crazy gauge swatch!  I was getting so sick of the attempts.

I completed orders for 2 local clients. ….both jobs had been in the sewing room far too long.  People who don’t set up a pick up appointment time/day, are just not so lucky.  I can procrastinate with the best of them!

I made a bit of progress on the order being picked up for Monday.

I’ve managed to get back to a routine I normally have in the sewing room.  Each time I spend a chunk of time in the sewing room, I try to take one item from people who actually live here!  Imagine that?  Doing work for my own family & household.  Novel.  But, I did it.  Finished 3 tops for D, and repaired some elastic on a sheet for R.  Feels good to get some of the stuff out of the household bin here.

The sewing room is looking good.  Almost to the point of being caught up.

I knit at the park today, working on the band for the cloche hat for Rachell from NoMarkAtAll.  I’ve got about 12 more inches to go before my favorite row…………..picking up the stitches for the actual hat!



2 thoughts on “Two of my New Favorite Things

  1. Nice post again today. It is so true. No matter how many different size needles and hooks one has, inevitably the pattern needs a size you don’t have. I clicked the link in one of your posts that showed your citrus child’s dress. So cute! And then I got lost in Etsy for awhile and saw some really interesting “t-shirt yarn.” Fun visiting Etsy again. Thanks for leading me there.

  2. Thanks for stopping in! I always wonder if I’ll ever get the accessories I need for all my projects! Just had to buy a set of DPN’s in a size 5, for a hat I love. No way would it work on any of my 5’s that were circs.
    Glad you got re introduced to Etsy! It is a pretty amazing place, the skills & imagination always astound me. I can be entertained there for hours!
    Love that Tshirt yarn. I’ve begun saving shirts, to make some, as I’ve just got to try it! What do you bet, it will take a brand new size needle or hook? 🙂

    Take care!

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