New Treasury: my quiet spirit

I’ve decided to make a treasury on Etsy at least weekly.  For those of you who aren’t Etsy fanatics, a Treasury is a collection of 16 items that are often times related, or just fall into a grouping of some kind.  I’m taking a theme from a music channel I listen to………this one is just a touch ironic.

my quiet spirit….     I don’t have one.  Not since school got out in June.  🙂  So, I guess I’m longing for a quiet spirit and these items, photographs and prints just spoke to me of peace, solitude & meditation.  Wishful thinking for right now…………

And, this print from themelodycensor seemed to jump out at me.  I love it. And, I think so many things when I look at it.  It’s in my newest treasury, along with 15 other amazing items.  Please stop by and take a peek.  Be sure to comment & let me know which piece speaks to you!









Create Something Daily Challenge:

Wow, not much today.  I did finish a couple more motifs for the Christmas stocking project.  I’m up to nine completed now.  That means a whopping 56 left.  Then, I’ve got heels, toes & a top band for each of the 5 socks to do too………oh, and let’s not forget the embroidered names on the bands!  Good thing it is still August!

I had some knitting with me when I was waiting for a haircut (I know, what a surprise that a knitter has knitting with her ALL the time!)  I managed about 2″ more on the hat band.  Hoping to get the band done tomorrow, so I can hurry up and pick up the stitches & take this project to the new knitting group on Wed.

Decidedly, not much got done today.  At least not much that could be called creative.


4 thoughts on “New Treasury: my quiet spirit

  1. I enjoyed reading your posts. Nice! I really like your theme. I sort of picked mine by default at a low point in my life when it seems to reflect who I was. Perhaps I should change it now.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I gave my theme so little thought. I have more trouble than most people with all the blog, computer, tech stuff. The old dog, new tricks bit is appropriate here!

    I’m just happy when I can get something to come out close to what I was attempting! 🙂

    Take care,

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the ‘quiet’ ring spoke to me too. I love the whole treasury tho………..something about yearning for some quiet in my day to day life here, I’m sure!

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