Christmas in August here at Stitchknit

Rather than wait until the last minute, I am starting a clients holiday project early.  Very early.  I have been asked to copy this Christmas Stocking, not once, but five times!  Yikes.  Me, who has had a life-long aversion to Granny Squares……….

Well, here goes.  I’ve got a bit of a start on this sock.  13 squares down and 52 to go.  (oh, and don’t forget the green bits……..the toes, the heels and the bands at the top)  Thank goodness it is only August!

I’m trying not to think of all the ends that will need to be woven in.  Good thing I’m no good at math, the numbers would make me cringe!




Create Something Daily Challenge:

I took Rachels hat to a new Knitting Group this AM.  (thanks Paulette, for hostessing, and for inviting me!)  What a great time.  Sharing conversation and knitting………….and getting out of the house.  What a delightful combination.  AND, I was on the easy, peasy part of the hat, so I’m now about 3″ up the hat……..aiming for 4 1/2″ before starting the decreases.   Doing the hat on the cover of Boutique Knits.    What a fun knit!

Final fitting this evening for Client M.  Her wedding dress fit like it had been spray painted on her body.  I only worked on the shoulders, so I can’t take credit for the whole dress………..but, she did have some great shoulder seams!  🙂  Love it when a client is pleased.

For what seemed like a VERY long day, I have a pretty short list of accomplishments.


4 thoughts on “Christmas in August here at Stitchknit

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and my Etsy store.

    Your products look great. I love crocheting, but I’m not good enough to sell what I make.

    Wishing you the best of luck on all your Etsy endeavors!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, and the compliments on my items. Etsy is such fun and being surrounded by all that creativity is great too. So many talented people!

      Take care,

    • So true! I’ve had this job sitting in the sewing room for a couple months……. Of course, the client said no hurry, just anytime before Christmas! For me, that is a no no……… I can procrastinate with the best of them. I decided to just get the whole project out & at least figure out the pattern, hook size, tension, etc. Once I did that……..I’ve managed to just plug away and get a couple squares done each evening while watching Jeopardy!

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