My Problem Wasn’t the Printer

I’m out of my element tonight. I should go knit or sew………..but here I am trying to figure out a new lap top, with the new to me keyboard.

So, nothing fancy tonight.  It is going to take some practice here, and I think it would help tons if I had shorter nails.  (I can type on many rows at a time!)

Come to find out, the new printer is wonderful. It even prints!  But, my old PC was just getting too old to tell it what to do.  Something with spooling USB ports.  So, the slow PC is going to be allocated to the foster kiddo to play simple games on, no internet access,  which he doesn’t know about anyway.  It might work, then again, he may not be interested at all.  Worth a try.

I will practice typing on this new thing…………and see if I can get a decent post up tomorrow.  Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “My Problem Wasn’t the Printer

  1. Who knows what the new keyboard will type? It seems that each keyboard is different. I also like new toys. Judy

  2. I feel like I’m typing with my elbows or something! And, my mouse is out of control….plus, the letter T doesn’t like me. It is taking me forever to do anythiing on this. Can’t say I miss my old PC, as it wasn’t working well at all………..but, this one is more than a little challenging!

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