Here Goes……My Laptop vs. Me

I’ve been trying to take care of business today, with this new laptop of mine.  Perhaps a better description would be ………fighting with the laptop?  I have never used one of these mouse pad thingys’ and so far…………..I am not all that fond of the little thing.  So, if this gets published in a half done state, I’m going to blame the mouse!

I have been busier than ever, and not even with things that are fun………or creative.  Not in the slightest.  This old house I’m in is scheduled for some work & soon.  The insulation is getting added to in the attic on Tuesday.  (so, the stuff in the attic has to come down)

In addition to the attic, the crawl space under part of the house has to be ready for workers to get in there.  That is WAY more complicated than anyone could imagine.  It involves a crew of at least 3 young guys, a dumpster and at least a week to haul out the 60 years of stuff my dad had hauled in.  I have been spending time organizing this little project, which isn’t even close to my sewing studio!

So, in lieu of having something that has just been added to the Etsy shop………I’ve decided to start tallying up what is currently in the works here:

  This is the laceweight scarf, from the Boutique Knits book.  I can’t remember when I knit on this last.  Enough said


Laptop is ahead.  I had 4 other pictures and a ton of descriptions about what I was knitting………….hit publish, and this is the only pic that made it, and I’ve no idea where the words all went…..   Going to go knit!

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