Works in progress…………not much progress!

Sorry for the break here.  Besides the  new laptop, and my horribly awful typing on this little keyboard…………I’m up to my eyeballs in junk.

This is the week to haul out the junk in my parents basement.  50 some years of junk.  Occasionally, there is something amazing.  We found the entire packet of letters my mom wrote to my dad when he was in the navy during WW2.  Very sweet that he saved them.

On the needles are 2 pairs of socks……… for me (gray) and one for a client (pink)


And, I’m still chugging away on the crocheted motifs for the Christmas stocking project.  No idea what the numbers are………..more than 20 completed.  I haven’t had time to bag up the latest batch of squares.  Still don’t like granny squares!

Will try to get this published, before I hit something that makes it vanish!








2 thoughts on “Works in progress…………not much progress!

    • I just love sock knitting. Something satisfying, that I don’t seem to feel when knitting other items. I think it is the tiny, tiny DPN’s that just makes it feel like I’m doing something more complicated. Plus, they are so portable & I don’t need to be following a pattern…………just row upon row of those little lined up stitches. Love it!

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