The Right to Change my Mind


I tried out the new blog format and have discovered a couple things.

First off, I think I’m past the stage where I can handle more than a couple new things at a time!

The new lap top, with all it’s ‘newness’ should have been where I stopped.  But, no………….I plunged into the new blog, thinking it was going to be easier. HA.  Permission granted to shoot me if I take off on another tangent like that again.

I have been busy with some added ‘life stuff’ here.  Still working on the cleaning & sorting my parents house (where I have been living the last couple of years………..a way too long story) .  The up side to this bit, is how easy the directions to this house and my studio are.  We are the only house in the area with a HUGE bright blue dumpster in the back yard!  No one has been unable to find me since the project started.

I’ve also had to bring out some fairly big guns to get my newest foster kiddo registered at our local high school.  Who knew that starting the process in June, the school would claim they couldn’t get him in so he could start school on time?  WHAT?

After multiple meetings, phone calls & emails…………and involving 2 local Educational Advocates, we are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of the school bus this coming Wednesday.  Oh………My………..Goodness…………I am giddy with the idea of an entire cup of coffee in one sitting!  I think this feeling is the root of my love affair with autumn!  🙂  I’ve been a foster parent to developmentally disabled kiddos for decades and truly love it…….but darned if that uninterrupted cup of coffee, some knitting and some quiet time are calling me!  Summer gets to be long with not a minute to myself!

And, if those weren’t enough to keep me out of trouble…….the old house here is getting a bit of an update.  This week is new windows & sills, as well as new insulation in the attic & crawl space.   Sounds great, but the actual project has thrown the entire house into turmoil.

On the creative front……………

Many, many clients orders moving through the sewing studio on a pretty regular basis. Thanks to the craigslist ongoing ad, I’m always busy!

So close to finishing off a pair of socks for Client D.  Working on the toe decreases on sock #2…….aiming to get these in the mail Monday.  Too much going on today to rush to finish.

Plugging away on  Crocheted Christmas Sock Project:  Have motifs for 2 socks now……….will need to step up production on this one, when the knit sock is in the mail.

Time’s up…………..the trucks are pulling up …………



2 thoughts on “The Right to Change my Mind

  1. I think that is one of those “things” that I am learning to let go of as I persue this foster care road – things like sitting and enjoying coffee, or heck…just sitting! Oh, and the nap time – MY nap time! Weekends will be much different when a kiddo is around, I’m sure!

    • It is interesting to think of the things I have let go. I’ve done this for so long, I don’t realize how odd my life looks to others. I don’t take naps, and I sleep very lightly, as I’m usually listening with one ear & keeping one eye open for at least the first month or so with a new kiddo. My current one used to get up at night and eat everything from the kitchen. Everything!
      I just told him we didn’t get up at night, and amazingly enough, he has not wandered about here! Counting my blessings on that one! I need a few hours of sleep at night!!

      Just a hint…………a thermos coffee mug is a great idea, stays hot, giving me more of a chance to get some hot coffee! Now, I need to work on where did I leave it!

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