Top Selling Item

Who knew my elastic was going to be the top seller in my Etsy shop?  Not complaining, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just surprised.  Shouldn’t be, as I buy so many supplies from other Etsy shops; beads, lace, hardware, tools and yarn!

       I am thrilled when I get an order for elastic  & happily pack it up for shipping.  Plus, I don’t feel the pressure to create faster!  I can only knit & sew, just so fast.  Re-listing the elastic is just a moment in time and whoosh……….it is back in the shop!

All 4 elastics are also listed on Craigslist, but the sales all come from Etsy.



Print elastic on white                               I have just put together a listing for a combination of all four of these.  See it here: Elastic Assortment.  This is a great little sampler of all 4 elastics.  Good for smaller projects and to see if any of these would work for an item you’re creating!

Create Something Daily Challenge Update

-Crocheting on the motifs for the Christmas stockings.  (afraid to count them, as I’m not eve half way yet)

-Crocheted on a baby blanket for the shop, while waiting for foster kiddo to get a haircut……and at the park, while he used up a morning full of excess energy.

–  MUST quit here, and get to the sewing room.  Have a wedding dress I have been asked to fix.  I’ve got it almost put back together.  Hoping to sew the skirt back on the bodice tonight.  Saving a hand picked zipper for tomorrow in the daylight.  Pick up will be tomorrow night.  Not a fantastic job, but the best I could come up with in 3 days.  I would have loved to be the person to have created the dress in the first place.


Back to work!


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