Holiday Projects………..Already???

First week of September & I’m already feeling like time is slipping away from me.  Christmas will be here before I know it, and certainly before I’m ready for it.

Not even sure what all I want to accomplish………..but, the new foster kiddo is a big part of my TO DO list.  He has been asking Christmas type questions since he moved here, the last week in June.  🙂   I’ve been scaling down my holiday prep over the last couple years, as our family has become so much smaller & spread apart, but I know that isn’t going to hold much water with this new guy.  He is a teenager, but developmentally around 10 years old or so.

I’m thinking the first thing out of the sewing room needs to be this kiddos’ new Christmas stocking.  Everyone gets one here, but they take them with them when they move on to their own place, or to an adult family home situation….so, no socks lying about here.  After that, I guess the house needs some Christmas pizazz.  I did put up a tree the last couple years and made swags for the doors, but that was it.  I think we’re going to have to do that & then some.

I started sorting through my holiday stash of fabrics and discovered I will never be able to use them all.  I have some set aside for placemats & napkins, as well as the stocking…………..and a new tree skirt.  Also have a couple coordinating pieces in case I get a flash of inspiration as to where I can add some more holiday flare.


But, the rest of the fabric is going to find new homes!  I have spent the day pressing, measuring, taking pictures and listing them in the Etsy shop.

Here’s what went in today………….hoping to get 4-5 more on a daily basis.  When in the world did I think I was going to use this much holiday related fabric???

Victorian Fabric at Stitchknit

Fabric with a Victorian Flair


All Over Holly Print


Holly & Ribbons


Santa Print

Create Something Daily Challenge:

-The wedding dress is finished.  And, picked up tonight.  Fit like it was supposed to.  I am finding I like fixing existing items more than I like making them…… the dressmaking department anyway.  The challenge of trying to figure out what to do, then how to do it………and keep it cost effective for the client is way more fun than making something I’ve probably done before.

-Again with the crocheted motifs for the Christmas stockings.  Still haven’t counted the total.  Have 2 zip lock sandwich bags crammed full, if that is any sort of measurement of progress!  I’m really not enjoying granny squares.  I was pretty sure I didn’t like them before, this project is sealing the deal for me!  Hoping to have all the little squares done by the end of the month (or sooner).  Would like these picked up in November.

And, that’s it.  Not much creating going on here.  I did however make some HUGE strides in the sewing room.  I have been so torn up due to the new window/insulation project here, and made a commitment to clean & organize before putting the sewing room back to order.    I’ve freecycled the scraps I just couldn’t throw out………..I’m listing the excess fabric I’ll never get to……   And, I’ve got multiple boxes labeled and ready for sorting.  I ……..will………get………everything………..sorted!  I moved the empty shelving units to the hallway outside my sewing studio, and will start putting the supplies out there when they are sorted AND labeled.  I am getting excited to think about being able to put my hands on the right batch of fabric or notions when I want them….  But, I’m restraining myself and going to stick to my plan of truly going through everything before putting it away.

I think I’ll keep up with the project, as it is very hard to work in the space as it is now!




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