My New Favorite Item

I have made something I’m going to be using!  Well, not this one specifically, but one just like it.


I’m so used to clipping my keys on my bag, but my old clip was a huge thing, and plain………..and looked like mountain climbing equipment.  So, this is a definite improvement!  It’s my favorite color………and,  heck, it is a color, compared to my old one.  I should be able to spot this anywhere.  It was a nice break making something I could finish in one sitting.  The knitting and crochet projects I’m currently working on are taking forever!  Here’s the listing for the key fob.

I did have some great knitting time in, at the park no less.  Took the foster kiddo out to shoot baskets and I took my knitting & crocheting…….and enjoyed an hour of almost alone time.  I got to watch the ducks in the pond, people walking their dogs and still get a couple projects finished up.  Just the ends to weave in, and 2 pieces are done.  One is a crocheted dish cloth, not a huge deal, but a thank you gift to my most loyal client……………who is also my Etsy mentor!  Couldn’t have made it without her.  The other is an infinity scarf, knit in a great heather yarn.  Just need to bind this one off, and weave in the ends.  If tomorrow goes smoothly, I should be able to get this posted………….  Will share pics of both tomorrow.


I had one new client here too…..  Just some simple alterations, but I really love that part of my job.  Quick, usually easy and happy clients.  A great combination.

Orders due Monday and Tuesday………plus out of town guests here Tues & Wed………….so it will be a working weekend.


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