Tennis Anyone? A New Way to Store Needles

I have been clearing out, giving away and then labeling and organizing my sewing room.  No small feat.  Fabric, notebooks full of pattern ideas & sketches………….yarn and more yarn.  OK, I haven’t even got to the yarn yet.  Just sticking to the fabric end of things this week.

But, whilst handling some regular ‘life’ stuff here, (this is going to be a long explanation) I had to buy some tennis balls.  Not exactly related to anything, huh? Especially since I haven’t played tennis since high school. …………a very long time ago.

My new foster kiddo has not  learned how to pick himself up as he is trying to move himself at the table………and the hardwood floors were taking a beating.  Plus, he was getting frustrated, and I was tired of trying to teach what I now think is a skill he isn’t going to master.   So, when I end up at this sort of brick wall with any of my guys (all with varying levels of disabilities and most with aspergers or autism) I think of a way to change the environment, rather than try to change them.  Enter the 4 tennis balls.

I slit them all, and slipped them over the legs of said kiddos chair at the table and we’ve all been much happier.  The chair moves just right, the floor will not be damaged further and my kiddo thinks he has the best chair.

Now………….back to the cleaning & sorting.  Before tossing the container the tennis balls came in, I’m thinking “this is just about the same as the pringle cans I used to use for knitting needles”.  But Better!  This one was clear plastic, so I’d be able to see right in, without having to dump the needles out each time.  Re-purposed and ready to be a part of the newly organized sewing room.


This is the first piece to getting the knitting/crochet end of things under control here.  Pretty cute.   The old pringles can has gone out with the trash.

Besides cleaning almost all day, I did wrap up a couple client orders.  Love getting the items hanging in the closet, bagged up, bills attached and their name & job off my TO DO list in the sewing room.  Love my lists!

I know I was needing to stay busy today.   After watching a bit of the 9/11 coverage this AM, I wanted to DO something………..   So, I tackled a bunch of jobs to keep me busy most of the day.  Worked for me.  I got tons done, still managed to ponder the enormity of the day and the anniversary, but did not dwell on the negative.






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