Sold………..and a New Focus in the Shop

The latest sale……..on it’s new owner here……….

Some items aren’t making it in the shop, or if they do……….they sell right away.  Nice.  no complaints here!  This scarf is so soft and yummy to touch, when I had it out to show a table full of company this week, this woman said it was going to be her scarf!  Asked me to put it on her right then!  It looked great on her, and I apologize for the quality of the photo.  I was also the hostess to a houseful of company………..and the cook……… photographer was not at the top of the list.  Her top is truly lavender and she looked more coordinated than my picture shows.  She wore it home!

The rest of the shop has had a bit of an overhaul.  Stitchknit has changed focus a bit, in that all the children/baby type items are out of the shop and on hold.  I love the way the shop looks this way….   (I had the supplies out of the shop too, but realized I’ve got them advertised all over the place, with an invite to view them in the shop)  Now, the shop is womens accessories, and a bit of the supplies I have in excess here.

I’ll try this for a bit and see how it feels.  I’m already missing the sewing part………as well as the dreaming up new things to make.  I’m not much for making the same thing multiple times.  But, I love how there is a theme to the shop now………


Not much creating going on this week, due to the out of town company.  Created many extra meals however!  Does that count?  🙂

Worked on clients orders after people all went to bed, as sewing is my relaxing activity.  Some great music, a glass of wine and I’m set for the evening.

Crocheted some more on the Christmas stocking project, and now have only 11 squares to go.  I usually get 4-5 done each evening, so I can see a glimmer of the end on this job.

Did get some knitting time in today, as it was doctor day for my foster kiddo.  We were early, so I managed to come up with about 8 more inches on a boucle scarf I’m making.  Planning on joining it in a loop, as I can see where people feel more confident in wearing these loops. ……sort of a do it yourself deal.  The scarf just settles in around their neck and there are no ends to tie, or twist, or anything.

The trip home after the doctor was more than frustrating.  My kiddo was getting more anxious as we went………..should have been a 30 minute trip, and it was closer to a hour.  Big time traffic, and a stop at the pharmacy for even MORE drugs for him.  I wanted to just zap us home!  Once here, it was earlier than our normal meal time (anyone with an autistic kiddo knows how important routine is) but I opted for dinner right away.  He had gone out to eat with a teacher today and had brought home half of his sub sandwich.  It was driving him nuts. He wanted it for dinner…….so, dinner time it was!  I finished up the rest of dinner and let him eat.  So far, he seems WAY better.  Maybe the whole deal was the sandwich!  I’ll have to share with the teacher, how it fouled up our afternoon.  We’ve been doing pretty well in the van…………not great, but I haven’t wanted to jump out of a moving vehicle for a few months now!

Time to supervise the bedtime routines and get out the evening meds.  Then…………back to my sewing studio for some ‘me’ time.

2 thoughts on “Sold………..and a New Focus in the Shop

  1. I know what you mean about doing the same thing over and over. I know my Etsy shop has a little bit of everything, and I’m constantly making/adding different things, but I just can’t make myself make the same thing all the time. Baby quilts sell really well, but I don’t really like to make them. Each one takes too long, and I get tired of using the same colors and same design. Guess I’m have to mix it up and have a side project on the table, too.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’ve spent the last couple days visiting some shops, when I see something similar to anything I make. And, my un official survey shows about half the shops have narrowed in on one type of item, and the rest are the hodge podge like mine.
    I’ve added in my supply section, as I was truly using that to help clear out things I’ll never use…….. But, the baby items are still ‘on hold’.
    My shop is new, but 2 of my items that have sold multiples………are in the baby/toddler area. Decisions, decisions!
    I’m doing 5 Christmas stockings for a client, and the repetition on this one is just about doing me in…, it’s pretty clear I want to be able to dabble in multiple projects at once. New ideas, new materials, new patterns……..or no pattern……..My fun comes from playing around, not copying the ‘whatever’ I made yesterday!

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