Monday Mornings Are The Best!

I know, most everyone hates Mondays………….and the mornings even more so!  Not me.  Not during the school year anyway!


After what seemed like an unending Saturday & Sunday, my kiddo will be getting on the bus in the morning, and I will have 6 hours to re-charge.  I must really be getting old.  Or, I’m correct in saying the kids are getting tougher.  My new guy has more initials in his diagnosis…………..and more meds than a pharmacy.

The schedule is going to get more complicated this week, as his weekly therapy sessions will finally kick in.  Small catch with these……………so far, he needs to miss school for any appointment at all, since the after school ones have been booked for ages.  So, there goes my Tuesday.  I’ll just wave as the bus driver goes right on by!  Second “catch” ;  I need to be in the first appt…………..which is 90 minutes!  Seems odd, and will be a new one for me, as I’ve never been asked to sit in.  Especially with a teen!  I haven’t known him long enough to provide any information anyway.  Aiming to get the appointments moved to after school and to just wait for him without sitting in.  I would love the knitting time in the waiting room and hopefully, my kiddo would feel better having someone to talk with on his own.



Create Something Daily Challenge:  This has become more of a challenge than it needs to be!  Just getting time to do the routine things here is a stretch on the week ends.

I do get some knitting & crochet time in when my guy is willing to sit & watch TV, or while he is doing a task that just requires me supervising from a distance.

So, on that note………..a tiny drum roll would be appropriate here………   I have finished all of the granny square motifs for the 5 Christmas Stockings.  Started on the solid squares for the heels & toes.  Only need 3 of these per sock, so this is truly a piece of cake!  Did get 2 1/2 done today, so I’m on the way!

Also had a client here for a fitting and managed OK, with the supervision situation.  I try very hard not to schedule appointments on the week ends, but sometimes it just has to happen, to keep the client happy.

I have been getting up before 5AM, and getting some sewing time in prior to the household getting up.   Love this time of day anyway, and really love it when I can get a couple of the orders completed and off the TO DO list in the sewing studio.  I’m up to date for Monday & Tuesday appointments………….and have just one item to hem prior to Wednesday.  Feel pretty OK schedule-wise.

An Etsy client sent yarn for me to make 2 of the side ruffled Cloche hats in the Boutique Knits book. 

I’ve got this book and totally love this hat!  Such a fun knit….and it goes together so quick.  I like it because it is such a different look, not a typical hat at all.  The ruffles on the band are my absolute favorite!

Off to grab a bit of knitting time before quitting for the night!


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