What’s on the Needles at Stitchknit?

Finally, some time for knitting

I had some waiting time today, whilst taking foster kiddo to his intake interview for ongoing counseling, and this Infinity Scarf is taking shape.  Just some simple knitting (I often call these types of projects, my idiot knitting) with some interesting yarn.  I hate to do a complicated pattern with a busy yarn.  Nothing shows up but the yarn.  This is 51% wool and a blend of acrylic with a bit of nylon.  The result is something heavier than it looks………..so I think it will hang nicely when finished.  I am still torn with connecting it as a loop, or a mobius loop with the twist.  Leaning towards the twist, as that seems to be easier for most people to arrange at their neck.

I had 1 boring have-to type meeting today….AND, it was cancelled at the last minute.  Just as I was getting excited about having an hour or so freed up………..My client for the afternoon meeting called & also cancelled.  So, the whole afternoon was free.  I didn’t even have any dinner prep to get involved in…….as I’d planned sub sandwiches since I had a busy day.  So, I made tracks to the sewing studio and got busy.  Love, that I love what I do!  It is interesting to feel like I’ve been given a gift, when days like this open up.  Free time??  And, I get to go to work???  It’s the best thing ever, in my opinion.

After dinner, I grabbed some time to continue the endless Crocheted Christmas Stockings.  I’ve got 6 of the heel/toe motifs left to do…….which puts me within sight of the end!  Five plain, one color bands for the top of the socks and I’ve got all the pieces made.  No idea how long it will take to actually construct the socks……….hoping it is less than it took me to make the hundred & something granny squares.  (I’m certain now, that I’m not at all fond of granny squares!)

Now, it’s time to shut down for the night & watch  a little DWTS‘s on tv.  I’ll keep going on the infinity scarf from this AM, and aim for a finished product by tomorrow.  I need to dig around in the yarn bins here, to find something interesting to take to Knit Group in the AM…..   thinking………………..


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